I signed up to casino euro the other day, I read on a website that there welcome bonus was not availble to the UK, But I thought id go on live chat and ask because I could't find that rule on there website.

the women on the chat said it was availble to the UK so I deposited my €222 for the €111 bonus however I didn't get it.

I went on the chat and enquired about it and I was told it was not available to the UK. I told her that the day before I was told it was, She went for 2 minutes and said she can see I was miss informed and would forward the case to her boss and they will email me.

They have just emailed me and said they are sorry its not availble but as an apology they have credited me with the full bonus.

Was thinking if you try signing up and asking they might slip up and say yes it is, You can then save the convo and use it against them when you dont get the bonus. But they may pull them all up on this and tell them

either way its worth a try you have nothing to loose

Good Luck