Ive played thunderstruck 2 FAR too much I can choose from any of the bonus's and the best one for me has been the 3rd one.

My fav slots are Thunderstruck 1 & 2 (Hence the avatar), Dolphin Tale, Lucky Eggsplorer, Rat Pack and sir winsalot.

There all microgaming ones.

Avalon and orient of jewel have been amazingly bad for me. During my Really Really bad stage of slot addiction I was over £800 up just playing casually not for bonus's.

I was playing jewel of orient at £10 a spin, as I hadn't any bonus for over 300 spins I kept increasing until I got £10 a spin, managed over 100 spins at £10 and got nothing. Walked away from that casino even.

That was the day I decided to have break from all this, including matched betting. Completly lost the concept of money and got far too greedy.

To be £800 up and still not happy is plain stupid and greedy.

All is good now though, im enjoying the smaller wins