We are writing to you in relation to your recent play on our new slot game, 'Monopoly'.

Following the launch of the game, we had some concerns that the 'Pass Go Bonus' was not operating correctly, so we removed the game from our websites whilst our supplier carried out the required investigations. Unfortunately, it was discovered that our supplier had made an error in the configuration of the 'Pass Go Bonus' which meant that this particular bonus was not achievable. Every other part of the game was found to be functioning correctly.

We are obviously very sorry that this error has occurred; and we hope that you will accept our sincere apologies. The error may well have impacted your game play experience and may also have resulted in you not receiving the returns that you should have done if the 'Pass Go Bonus' had have been functioning correctly. In recognition of this, we are providing you with a full refund of all your losses on the game; this amount has already been credited to your account.

At StanJames.com we take our commitment to fair play and the gambling regulations by which we are governed very seriously. All of our games are supplied by reputable manufacturers and tested rigorously to conform with industry standards. Unfortunately, in this instance an error was missed in testing and, regretfully, released for game play.

This particular game, 'Monopoly' has now been re-configured correctly by our supplier and will undergo full testing before being made available again.

If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the means at the bottom of this message. Once again, we are very sorry for this error and the impact it may have had on your gaming experience. We hope to see you at StanJames.com again soon.

Kind regards,
The StanJames.com Casino and Games Team

Might want to check your SJ accounts, I did wonder why I had an extra £50 in there.

Surely, if someone has won a lot on normal spins and finished up they could be 'down' quite a lot because of the lack of bonus feature and not qualify for the refund.

Must say though, kudos to SJ for owning up to it*, god knows many sites wouldn't say anything.

*provided they weren't forced