Have to agree with scrubber and say i think N/W are excellent. I use them online and call into my local branch too, where the staff are so helpful and friendly (that's unusual for most establishments in Grimsby ) Admittedly never telephoned them.

Whilst on holiday abroad, an ATM swallowed my card. Called in Wednesday morning to explain what had happened, and the woman was really helpful, filled in a form with me, showed her ID and she said she would organise a replacement card which arrived today!

It does have a different long number, so it will be a bit of a pita to get it changed everywhere, although the card doesn't expire til 2016, so its hardly regualr hassle.

Plus i get free annual travel cover, this being a replacement for free currency exchange.

Never had any transaction blocked either, and as for the card reader, only normally needs using when logging onto their site. When depositing / buying stuff online, i just get asked for my Verified by Visa password. Card reader only takes 5 seconds, and is really no different to Moneybookers token which everythinks is a great idea.