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Im still avoiding it.

I have enough friends already, I dont want to look at your 2004 holiday photos, I couldnt care less about the "large one" you had at the weekend, and I dont want to look at your fishtank, know what your StarTrek name is, or rate your tits.

So I will stay off it thanks.

There is actually a TGT group "Julie" set up about two years ago when she worked with us but it is dormant I think and im not sure what it ever really did I was not a member but at the time Facebook was "the next big thing" and it was felt obligatory to have a page. Nothing to do with me though. Rant over
I was on there for a few weeks, i sat there one day and thought whats the point of this.People who i used to go to school with sending friend requests, they had there day and it didn't work out whats changed now? I don't care if blah blah blah has just had their dinner. Also it is supposed to be the most infected site with viruses and ID theft fraudsters on the net. I could rant all day I'm getting wound up now just thinking about it.