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9 18 S0095063 = £50 no loss bet
8 32 Mariner13 = £25 no loss bet
8 28 Roked = £25 no loss bet
7 30 joeyboyuk = £10 no loss bet
7 26 9822aracs = £10 no loss bet
7 25 Mattgentle = £10 no loss bet
7 23 Snoopy = £10 no loss bet

Congratulations to all the winners, but expecially S0095063!

If you could place your bet (on absolutely anything you want) at Leonbets please? If you have an existing account use that, if you dont then please join here: LEON Bets: football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, boxing and other sports

(They have a new user bonus (150% to $150 if using Moneybookers) which is unlocked as you wager and get "Leons", they peg the odds to Betfair so it is not a great bonus really because the odds are always apart and you cant bust out/underlay either, so it is of very marginal value.)

If you could E-mail your TGT username, moneybookers E-mail address and bet choice to promotions@thegamblingtimes.com BEFORE the event starts please. If it wins just withdraw and keep it, simples. If it loses then E-mail a screenshot of the losing betslip and the relevant amount will be sent to your moneybookers address.

There is not a timelimit as such but if you could try to use them/bet this month please. Any questions just ask. Thanks.
I somehow completely managed to forget I had entered this competition, I was a bit stunned reading through the tgt email that i had won!. I suppose it is probably too late to take up the offer now, it has been a couple of weeks to be fair.

I can't believe i managed to get 9/10 correct though.