In the past it has been great to see so many people doing various acts for charity either by doing something themselves which was sponsored or equally giving money they felt they won by chance to keep the good Karma going.

It is possible that there can be a finite amount someone can or wants to give though and it can be embarrassing when they may wish to give but are unable to for a multitude of reasons. From now on please can people not ask for donations to any sponsorship event or good cause on the TGT forums. There is a time and a place for it, and we wish you luck but the time and place is not here.

If you would like to give money to a Charity then the ones we support are:

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There is not a JustGiving page set up by us as giving to Charity is a private thing and in the past people have often wanted to remain annonymous, so any donations there in your own time without telling anyone would be fantastic. Or just give to any Charity close to your own heart of course.