Not sure if this should be posted here.
& new to all this so it possibly has been covered before but I have looked through the forums and can'f find anything related.

As I said I'm new to MB but I have poked me toe in the water a couple of times in the past, but never taken it seriously as I was too busy.

I had opened accounts at a couple of bookies and exchanges in the past as a result of this previous "tinkering".

I knew that I had previously taken advantage of their offers but did not want to miss out now that I was taking this more seriously and starting out on my new adventure of MBing, so I emailed them at their customer services.

I enquired in a very polite way whether I had an account with them as I had received an email from them and did not know whether it was just spam or if I had an old account with them in their sportsbook or poker site....

I then suggested I was thinking of joining and taking them up on their current SUB offer but if I was a old customer presumably I would not qualify - can you send me my account details etc etc.

Anyways both confirmed I had an account (the bookie confirmed I had more than 1, less than 6!) and both provided me my account details and offered me a SUB.

So... if you took advantage of a SUB and never went back to a book perhaps a polite email might prove profitable.