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went into my betfred shop today and betfred tv boosted the 11:57 trap 3 runner at hove from 5/4 to 7/4 i had 100 pounds on it when i went to the counter to collect my winnings the lady behind the desk would only pay me out at 5/4 i tryed to explain the mistake she even rang hQ but they were having none of it i really feel let down by betfred today and have used the company for ten years and will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.has anybody had the same problems and this there anything i can do about it? i know its only 50 pound but i only placed the bet because they offered me the value i feel so let down the company today.

i email betfred and this was there reply i will never go in one of there shops again.

Thank you for your email.

In order to receive a price boost on a dog you must either take the price or write clearly on your slip that it is for the price boost. I have looked at your slip and there is no intention of wanting the price boost on your slip, the only things that are written on the slip being the time and track and selection.