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I am in disbelief, that there is someone else who eats feta on pizza. Weve got a local place here that offers feta (you probably wont be able to get it at papa johns). I like sausage, pepporini and feta cheese. Its the most amazing thing ever.
There's a little hole-in-the-wall place here in Austin called Marye's Gourmet Pizza (it's very Westlake too) that makes literally the best pizza in the world. Everything about it is perfect--crust that is crispy but not too thin (and nowhere else in the world do I eat all the crust. Sometimes I eat it off a slice or two, but at Marye's, I eat it all. I think it would even be good by itself with no toppings), and this mildly spicy sauce that is made fresh every day--it tastes like something you would eat at a Tuscan villa...anyway, that's where I was introduced to it. And now I have a craving for it. Damn.