Not sure if I am off my rocker or is there enough hedging opportunity to make this work.

I seen Big Brown to win the Triple Crown at +113 at matchbook
Over at 5 Dimes they have the field to win the Preakness at +210

My thoughts are if Big Brown looses the Preakness you would cash the 5dimes ticket and you wouldn't have to hedge at all.

If Big Brown wins the Preakness that would mean the matchbook bet would stay active for the Belmont.

I guess my question is here for all the math gurus if Big Brown went off even money to win the Belmont is it enough to make any money on the hedge? Instead of what they are offering on Big Brown I guess it depends on what they are offering on the field to win the belmont. Just thinking out loud here. Probably won't bet it but like exercising the mind ever once in awhile