one of them anyways.....

the 36 incher that is about 12 years old....

So Im gonna replace it with a LCD or Plasma.....not sure what size yet....we have a 61 inch hdtv in the family room. This one would replace the living rooms tv.

so I come across this ebay tv as I am looking at random tvs and what is out there before the wife drags me out all over to look at them.

and I hit on this tv...........

funny shit. I clicked on it because it said "working in hell for Akia"

His description is classic........

Akai LCT2662 flat screen not working
Working in hell for Akai Item number: 280238180943
Starting bid: US $50.00

End time: 18 hours 56 mins (Jun-29-08 13:55:28 PDT)
Shipping costs: US $50.00
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Service to United States
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Ships to: United States
Item location: Chesterfield, MO, United States
History: 0 bids
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Seller: 1900hardman( 11)
Member: since Feb-16-05 in United States

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Item Specifics - Televisions
Brand: Akai TV Type: Flat-Panel
Condition: Used Display Technology: LCD
Screen Size: 26 inches
Definition: --

This item is a 26 inch Akai flat screen tv. I purchased this thing from Sams for $800.00 several years ago and have regretted it since.
First my wife and I simply should not have spent that kind of money for a TV, Second, my mother in law gave us pure hell because several years ago, then, we borrowed money from her for basic, house hold items durring a financial low. Lets just say the family atmosphere was about as warm, safe, and inviting as a Zagreb bunker. It was a colorful blow out - straight out of the trailer park stereotype. My wife was screaming at me for the doomed purchase of the offending TV, complicated further by my mother in law pitching the payment we made to her through our front door and pissing off the dog and waking the baby.

After all the grief and not to mention the guilt every time I turned the damn thing on, it started to NOT work periodically. More grief still when my mother inlaw would un-expectantly show up at the house and I would, at the last minute, hide the offending TV while reminiscing about my wife screaming at me for the doomed purchase of the offending TV, complicated further by my mother in law pitching the payment we made to her through our front door and pissing off the dog and waking the baby. *sigh*

After time had dilated more than Einstein's theory of why we watch TV, it stopped working all together. Luckily, I have a back ground in electronics so I eagerly pulled the offending unit off the wall and ran it to the workshop (my garage).
I cracked it open and immediately tested the power supply - dead.
I also noticed, much like my my mother in law, the heads on the capacitors were bulging on top. I knew this meant mental disorder or bad capacitors. (i am still talking about the TV) Seriously.
I went online and looked up every single little f-ing capacitor and a couple of solid state units for good measure then ordered and paid for them. The replacement parts were delivered while my wife was screaming at me for the doomed purchase of the offending TV, complicated further by my mother in law pitching the payment we made to her through our front door and pissing off the dog and waking the baby.

Countless hours later I replaced the offending capacitors and various solid state devices. I assembled the whole offending thing back together and grinned like Martini when he finally got the boat ride in Cuckoo's Nest. Time to plug it in and enjoy wide flat images of the daily show and rescue me. And.........NOTHING. Unlike Billy Idols's futon, There was no action in the offending TV's circuits - suddenly, my life was emptier than Richard Harris's minibar at the Chateau Marmont and my future seemed bleaker than Ingmar Bergman listening to an acoustic set performed by Leonard Cohen on vicodin.

So I'm on line looking up the power supply as a whole PC board to purchase. NOPE. Discontinued. Now i am looking up class action law suits filed against Akai. NOPE. Now I am reading about countless rants from other people with the EXACT TV, the EXACT problem and the EXACT militia membership to the anti-Akai statesman's league. (I am a charter member but I had to part ways with the gang due to much paranoia and mistrust - it makes the war room in Dr. Strangelove look like the Jacuzzi at Plato's Retreat).

Now the TV resides in my office, sitting on my desk starring at me in a mocking manner. In fact, we haven't replaced it. I just stare at it right back while banging myself repeadedly over the head with a hardcover copy of Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. I now earn enough money to replace the offending TV with something better - but I am not going to do this. I am forcing all this pain on to the rest of my family by forbidding the viewing of television. And I am especially screwing with the mother in law. Now when she stops by, I talk only about the TV and its death. Even at the family funeral I whispered in her ear; "this isn't nearly as sad as the loss of our Akai".

So...why am i selling this evil, offending box on ebay, you ask? Someone out there knows something. Something I would have paid dearly for, if it wasn't for all the self deprecation. The LCD screen is worth money - this I know. But mainly, I don't care. I just want to let you know this. I DON'T CARE. So go ahead, clock into HELL and get in line if you feel this is your next purchase. I am already here in HELL. I have a small apartment the size of Billy Barty's walk-in closet with three roommates who are flakier than a Greek pastry placed on Wally George's shoulder, AND I make a decent living, working for Satan, as an Akai assembly tech; and I got to tell you.. Michael is happy.

Happy Bidding.


Former Akai CEO sentenced for false accounting

The former chairman and chief executive officer of Akai holdings, a Hong Kong-listed company, was sentenced to six years' imprisonment Thursday

The high court of Hong Kong also disqualified him from being a director for 12 years for false accounting.

The 54-year-old man, James Ding, was accused of making a fictitious acquisition of another company's shares involving 300 million HK dollars (38.6 million US dollars) between 1998 and 1999.

The company was ordered to be wound up in August 2000 and the liquidators reported the case to police in January 2001. The man was later arrested when he returned from Macao to Hong Kong on April 30, 2003.

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Questions from other members

Question & Answer Answered On
Q: I was wondering if you were interested in selling the remote and manual? Give me an idea how much. Thanks, David Jun-25-08
A: how much for the manual?
Q: I don't have enough money to pay for the pain this lcd has caused. I can't believe I even read your rant but I did. Good luck getting rid of...more Jun-25-08
A: I am only burning books for now. Maybe next year.
Q: Do you have the original remote and manual? If so I'ed like to buy them. Let me know. Thanks, David Jun-25-08
A: i have the manual - the remote failed.
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