Stumbled across this interesting bit of news relating to Paddy Power's latest mobile betting upgrade - apparently soon users will be able to place bets on the teams that they're watching on TV just by pointing their mobile device at the screen.

The functionality is a nifty use of so-called 'augmented reality' whereby you point your mobile device at something and the device displays an 'augmented' or 'changed' view of what you're looking at - in this case probably an overlay of various betting options from inside their betting app. All very clever indeed and the first I've heard of this kind of thing in the betting arena (or anywhere to be honest).

Original article is here:

Paddy Power is aiming to take mobile sports betting to the next level with a new mobile app that takes advantage of secret-screen technology. Released yesterday the app allows users to bet on any of the upcoming weekend’s games with all the usual odds you’ve come to expect from the main site. This is in addition to countless stats and tables as well as lists of any of Paddy Power’s Money Back Specials or other promotions they might be running at the time.

We’ve left the most impressive part for last as you’ll now be able to point your phone at the TV to bet on the teams that are playing in a given match. The ‘TV Bet’ feature means that once you point your iPhone’s camera towards the TV, it will allow you to bet on the game in front of you on the TV.

Even though Betfair have spoken about augmented reality in the past year, Paddy is the first to launch their an app using second screen technology. Teething problems are likely at first but this goes to show just how sports betting firms are using mobile to their advantage.
Expect plenty of other mobile operators to offer similar functionality soon.