Only 1-2 years since I stopped using asian books regularly () and finally Pinny have gotten around to adding a 'proper' Asian View / interface on their site. At a quick glance it looks like a really good setup, the only option missing at first glance seems to be the ability to have the betslip selection automatically refresh every x seconds (although they do have a manual 'refresh' button in the betslip which is almost as good).

Full details are on their blog here:

Introducing Pinnacle Sports' Asian View

(though I'm sure most of you who use Pinny will have had the email that I had anyway)

For anyone not familiar with Asian Handicapping, this is as good an opportunity as any to pimp the various articles/guides we have on handicapping - check out the links below:

The Gambling Times - TGT Dictionary of Gambling and Betting Terminology - Asian Handicapping
The Gambling Times - Arbitrage and Dutching - An Introduction