Looks like Titanbet are making moves ahead of the regulatory changes for the UK gaming market coming up towards the end of the year (just me guessing anyway... timing seems about right) - email sent out about UK users being migrated to titanbet.co.uk:

We are pleased to announce the launch of Titanbet.co.uk, which is regulated by the Directorate of Offshore Gaming acting under the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) of Antigua. Titanbet.co.uk will be operated by PT Entertainment Services Limited (PTE), which is a subsidiary of Playtech, a publically traded company (PTEC:L) on the London Stock Exchange.

As a resident of the United Kingdom, we will migrate your account(s) on September 8, 2014, to Titanbet.co.uk and your funds will be matched on the new account so that you can continue to enjoy all the familiar games, features, promotions, and benefits. All open bets and upcoming tournaments to which you have registered will migrate to your new account. In addition, you will also have a single account to use for Sports Betting, Bingo, Casino, Games, Live Dealers, and Poker.

In the event that you do not want to migrate your current Titan Bet account, we advise that you contact support before the migration date in order to close your account and withdraw your available funds.

Your continued loyalty during the launch of Titanbet.co.uk is most appreciated.

Have a query, concern or just need assistance? Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and friendly Customer Support team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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