What is TheGamblingTimes?
TheGamblingTimes (TGT) is a for profit website which offers help, advice and guidance to individuals in obtaining the best possible experience and value from all forms of gambling. We offer a very hands on approach and all the reviews you read on The Gambling Times (TGT) and any advice you receive are all as a result of us having experienced the sites ourselves. We do not recommend any gaming site that we have not used personally.

The various sections of the forum are as follows:

  • General Chat
    This is the section to just chat about anything you want, and if you have a question that doesn't fit in anywhere else, ask it in the Player support section there.
  • The Winning Fields
    This section aims to bring together some of the best knowledge on the net, to be shared by all for free, to make everyone as many £s as possible. Value bets are posted and discussed, whilst the staking systems and plays of some of our regular tipsters can be followed at your own pace.
  • The Online Casinos section
    This section is the place to share experiences and knowledge with general advice on what to play and where to play it. Add your big wins to our winning screenshots thread.
  • The Poker Parlour
    The Poker Parlour is the place to brag about hitting that flush on the River and also being bad beat by a pair of 3s which stood up against AK suited.

So why should I use TheGamblingTimes reviews, your cashback isn't as good as some of the other sites out there is it?
TGT is paid money by online bookmakers and casinos for referring you, the user, to those sites. In return we pass on part of this referral fee back to you as cashback - this is the fivers scheme:

Whilst there are many other websites who offer referral schemes, there are very few - if any - who give the same level of service and after care to you as we do at TGT.

Your experience as a user of the online gaming sites we recommend is paramount and we take our responsibilities as an affiliate very seriously. If you have a bad experience with an online gaming site, we take that personally and make every possible effort to attempt to resolve your problems with the gaming site. You will not get this kind of service at any other cashback website.

Each and every review we write comes from our direct, real, unbiased experience. They are accurate at the time of writing but the Online Gambling World is a very fluid place and it is impossible to remain constantly up to date. If anything said in a review is different from or contradictory to your experience at that site please E-mail reviews@thegamblingtimes.com and that information will be taken into account. Because of this feature we have hundreds of members all pooling their collective knowledge of each site meaning the reviews are one of the best information resources about.

What do "Registered Members" recieve?

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