What are cookies?
Cookies are files that contain information about your web browsing session. Cookies are placed on your computer by websites so that they can provide a seamless 'stateful' browsing experience to you and track your progress as you use their website. Cookies can only be accessed by the site that created them. For much more information about cookies please see this link.

Cookies play a fundamental role in tracking registration to gambling and gaming sites. Generally when you register to a gaming site via an affiliate link (such as those used on all our review pages), a cookie will be written to your PC to indicate that you have been referred to the site via an affiliate (ie TGT). This cookie is then used to 'track' your registration and verify that you did indeed register via our affiliate links.

Why should you clear your cookies before you register to a gaming site via an affiliate link?
Clearing your cookies before you register to a gaming site via an affiliate link helps to ensure that your registration tracks cleanly so that any cashback that you are owed (for example via the TGT Fivers Scheme) can be paid quickly and efficiently.

If your registration does not track correctly, TGT may not be paid any affiliate revenue from the gaming site in question and in turn we will be unable to pay you the cashback that you were expecting. As a result it is important to always try and remember to clear your cookies before you register at a new gaming site via a TGT affiliate link.

How do I clear my cookies?
There are many different web browsers and the method for clearing cookies on each of them is slightly different and changes regularly. As a result we do not list the methods for clearing cookies on this site, but instead we would recommend reading the following link:

How to delete cookies

However, if you do have any questions about cookies or clearing cookies, please feel free to ask questions on this thread.