We've had another report of this today and it does appear to be the case that Internet Explorer (IE) crashes when you view any subforum with a chatbox on it - ie you have to have permissions to access the chatbox for the crash to occur - so premium members would be affected. When I originally tested it I logged in as a test user without access to the chatbox which is why it appeared to work fine for me.

The 'easiest' solution is to not use IE. There are lots of other free browsers out there, Firefox and Chrome to name just two.

If you have to use IE, for the time being until there's a more permanent fix:
  • Avoid the the subforum index pages (ie 'Day to Day Life', 'UK Sportsbook Bonuses', etc forum index pages which have the lists of threads with the chatbox at the top). Viewing the main forum home page here seems to be fine though (and you can use the chatbox on that page fine as well).
  • You can view the list of unread posts via the main forum's menu (click on the 'New Posts' link) - just reading the posts shouldn't crash IE.
  • If you want to view the chatbox in IE, you can do so via the main full screen chatbox link here (or as above, just view the chatbox on the main forum home page, that doesn't seem to crash for some reason).