We shall be sending out an E-mail to do with any Poker related events at TGT. It will not be Spammy it will be mainly a reminder on the day of a tournament that it is happening and the password, time and place, etc. The day after each one there will be somekind of review of events so everyone can see who did/got what. If in future there are any freerolls or similar planned, we would E-mail the details.

That kind of thing basically.

If you are a Premium member (which is anyone who has ever played in a tourney before for a start) and would like a copy of this please send an E-mail to andrew@thegamblingtimes.com and I will sort it out. The first one will likely be a review of Tournament III written by our resident comedian "Musicbox" which shall be going out tomorrow PM I expect.

If you ever want to unsubscribe just reply to it with the word "Stop" in the subject line.