Online Poker at Full Tilt Poker - News & Promos: Take 2

Running from Friday, October 15th to Sunday, October 24th, play at least two standard ring-game tables at the same time or any Rush Poker* table during Take 2 to receive double the Full Tilt Points. Play as often as you can during Take 2 and we’ll also reward you with up to $25 in cash, depending on how many days you play.

Earn up to $25 in Cash
The more you play during Take 2, the more you’ll earn. Earn at least five Take 2 bonus points on any five days during Take 2 to get $5 in cash. Do so on nine of the ten days to get an additional $20, for a total of $25:

•Level 1: Play on any five days during Take 2 and receive $5
•Level 2: Play on nine of the ten days during Take 2 and receive an additional $20, for a cumulative total of $25

If the $25 bonus is straightforward withdrawable cash (& I think it is) that's a nice little promo. 5FTP is nothing to earn & even a micro stakes player should be able to earn their 5 a day (!) for 9 days without risking much. And if you have any outstanding bonus you'll be clearing that too.

Very nice little promo IMO.