Hi all,

I have recently started to learn java and have created a new matcher program.

It is currently quite young and offers only a small amount of what i will eventually get it to do. The link to follow allows you to download the program, as it is my first attempt please let me know any faults you find with it and I stress I provide this as is and take no responsibility for any loss of funds you suffer due to its use. That said i have tested it extensively and had a few people from here and other forums test it.

It allows the basic matcher calculations as well as having the ability to include partial lays. There is also a basic dutching calculator (which i hope to improve with all your feedback). Further to this there is an always on top ability and the button marked 'H' will hide the title bar and border of the window to make it unmovable and take up less screen real estate (the H button will toggle these effects on and off). So the link is:


cheers all