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At the minute, I can't see the point of it - arbing where the profit is 106% with a bookie and betfair can leave you with 50p profit out of £50. To make it worthwhile really, I'd have to stake £500. But I wouldn't trust myself to do that without screwing up once in a while... Think I'd rather the £500 be earning 3% interest in the bank than risk losing it for a fiver if that (where the risk is me screwing up).
And that makes perfect sense... as mentioned through this thread I've merged your post into, it takes high turnover to make the profit so for those starting out, I really wouldn't bother arbing at all tbh. At the very time you're new to betting sites, using and assessing which betting strategies you're comfortable with, you don't need to be putting on bets which likely involve way too high a % of your bankroll to make a few £s.

Furthermore, when you're new, the kinds of arbs you're spotting (and I know this from experience) are just the ones anyone sees - so you're going to be using too high a % of bankroll on lines which will already have been hit and are about to be moved or will be hit after your bet and moved... the same people will probably keep betting those lines each time so while your accounts are shiny and new, I'd just get on with accepting offers to partake in promos etc where you can use whatever strategy (or none if you wish) to get involved.