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Their net debt is 3.5 times their EBITDA and they look like having aggravating financial difficulties.
Read somewhere that their board is negotiating with investors about a takeover.
Looks like this is no longer a safe place to keep big balances, especially near the end of the World Cup
Net Debt of 3.5x EBITDA is not that high, unless they get charged 30% in interest then they can cover it.

I dont think they negotiated RE a takeover, they would not negotiate with the investors about that anyway they would negotiate with the takeover company and pass on the best deal they can get to the investors to allow them to vote on it. They did have a Rights Issue not too long ago which would be discussed/negotiated with Large shareholders in advance and it may be this you are referring to.

RE Keeping Big balances, well if its not needed to be in there then obviously withdraw it but Ladbrokes as a company is financially very solid and the World Cup wont phase them. It certainly wont see a run on them if anything it will be a big boost. Worse case will be if England win it, anything else will be happy days for them.