I had account with them for about 3-4 years, had no problems before. Played casino, games, made many mug bets before and after starting match betting. So i deposited 20 euros and made the bet on Spain to win euro 2012 for their Germany win cashback. Spain won, so next day i went to cashout. I remember that they process cashout in 24h so after 2 days i went to my account to check why i didnt get money and got message that account is closed for securyt reasons. Went to chat and they explained that their security is checking my account and that i breached some mysterious bonus rules. I only made 20e bet on Spain, thats all, what rules could i breach. Almost 10 days past i went to livechat to ask when i will get money and they just plainly wrote that my account is closed forever and they are confiscating money. They cant say what i did wrong, just copying some shitty rules about fraud and that they can close account anytime. Lost 75euros, not that big for me, i am just disappointed that they treat their old customers like shit. So be careful with them