BlueSq - mb deposit neither credited nor refunded until I enquired to moneybookers about it

BlueSq bit naughty with me, they told me they had "bounced back" a deposit I had made to them using an email addy that didn't match the primary email addy on my mb account after I enquired about where this deposit was, but when I asked mb where the refund was they said BlueSq had actually processed it as good and so no refund was necessary, BlueSq have now put it through and it's in my account but clearly only after mb contacted them about it.

So had I not enquired about it with mb or failed to check my mb statement for the refund BlueSq would have simply kept my money for themsleves.

So if you ever deposit to BlueSq and the primary email addy on your mb account is different and the deposit doesn't go through make sure you remember to follow up on it, probably with mb as the better option as they were the ones to sort it for me.