Have had an account here for a year or so and use them off and on.

Had a nightmare couple of weeks - laptop charger broke and all my spreadsheets were in there so was "flying blind" (now migrated to google docs so I won`t get caught again!). When my new charger arrived, I checked my spreadsheets and saw I had a balance in Digibet - tried to put a bet on, but got a message in German which translated as "5% fee for singles and doubles - add 2 more bets to get the fee removed".

I have come across this with some other bookies on minor leagues , but this was on Premier league footie - and as it turns out, it is across the board on all bets for everyone unless you place trebles or more.Apparently their t+c`s were changed about a week ago to reflect this.Fortunately I had only a small balance which I had to play through , but if you have a balance in there as I did, you may want to consider your position.