Similar experiance to this chap > bettap confiscated winnings

My fault for not reading the huge amount of T&C but i have never heard of a bookies that has a maximum bet amount of £10 when trying to clear bonuses.

My final reply:

No what is unfortunate is that you did not fully explain the promotion to your customers and felt it was acceptable to mislead them in to betting and using your services. You also failed to inform me that the T&C applied to this promotion and at no point in the last 7 days when I withdrew the funds did you inform me that I would not receive them and the reasons why.

From my point of view you have repeatedly mislead me. From the "my account" section of your website I played through the bonuses for 5 days and when these were completed the "withdraw" button appeared and I withdrew my funds which of course now you refused to pay quoting a small line in the T&C

Being a newly setup website and an affiliate of Skill you should be more open and honest with your customers and treat them with respect and look to build a long standing business relationship. Clearly your intentions are to make a "quick buck" off those who use your services and steal their money. Also the amount I withdrew was such a small amount only £130 any other business would honour the withdrawal and put it down to a misunderstanding on both sides and show some good customer service.

Albeit, you have failed to do either so please feel free to keep my funds and use it towards training the teams in your operation which clearly lacks honesty and integrity.

I will of course share my opinions and views on my experience with Bettap and Skill to my friends, colleagues and business partners.