If so beware, there is a high chance there is some kind of trojan, possible keylogger been put into the software.

This thread here has the full details: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29...-hill-1188812/

if you don;t want to trawl through all that the cliff notes are:

There is a file in the download software called: "Backdoor.Win32.PcClient.feru in Casino.hlp file"

Hackers can get in and insert trojans/hackers into the downloadable content from a site.

The file in question has been researched as:

"Contains Backdoor Functionalities
Backdoor:Win32/PcClient may connect to a remote Web site using a specific port, for example 'neverstop.3322.org:8080'. It may then receive and execute commands from a remote attacker.

Logs Keystrokes
Backdoor:Win32/PcClient logs keystrokes and saves its gathered data to a log file usually located in the Windows system folder, for example '<system folder>\log.txt'."

It also seems that this file isn't in older versions of the software, only the most recent.

No one knows if it is some kind of flas-positive yet, but it's certainly worth being aware if you have recently Downloaded from Will Hills.