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Refer a friend

1 Who qualifies for participation?

All regularly registered users of betafterbet (hereafter called "referrers") are entitled to participate in the Friendship Bonus programme.

2 Who may be referred?
Every participant may refer his/her friends and acquaintances. Close relatives of the referrer (parents, siblings, children), persons living in the same household as the referrer, and persons giving the same e-mail address as the referrer or using the same credit card as the referrer will NOT be accepted as new customers. Note: Within the scope of the Friendship Bonus programme, e-mails may only be sent to persons whom the referrer knows personally ("prohibition of spamming").

3 How is someone referred?

Under Friendship Bonus in their accounts, every referrer has the opportunity to send an e-mail with a personal message as well as a text provided on the website to his/her friends and acquaintances. This e-mail includes a link. The potential new customer has to click on this link, agree to the conditions of participation of the Friendship Bonus programme and register as a new customer by completing the registration form found at betafterbet If the friend does not click on the link in the e-mail, then s/he will not be considered for the Friendship Bonus programme and the referrer will not get a bonus for this friend.

4 Definition of "new customer"

Within the scope of the Friendship Bonus programme, a new customer is a customer who registers him/herself within the promotional period mentioned above for the first time at betafterbet upon a referrer's invitation AND deposits at least EUR or GBP 10 into his/her account within 10 days after the registration.

By taking part in the Friendship Bonus programme, the new customer agrees that the referrer is informed about the registration as well as the deposit and placement of the minimum bet of the new customer, enabling the referrer to inform him/herself about his/her success in the Friendship Bonus programme.

5 Prerequisites for receiving the bonus

a) Referrer

The referrer will receive a bonus to the value of EUR OR GBP 10 for every referred new customer as soon as his/her friend deposits at least EUR or GBP 10.

b) New customer

The new customer will receive a special EUR or GBP 10 bonus on a first deposit of at least EUR or GBP 10. If the first depost is lower than the minimum requirement of EUR or GBP 10, then the user will not qualify for the bonus. The new customer can claim this bonus only once and is not eligible for any other possible bonus offers.

c) Definition of bonus

Both the referrer's bonus and the bonus for the new customer are to be considered as FreeBet bonuses and are subject to the following conditions: Thebonus must be wagered at least eight times on bets at before a payout can be requested. Only single bets with minimum odds of 2.0 count, otherwise the bonus and any winnings achieved therewith lose their validity.

6 Final Provisions

In case of suspected manipulations or fraud, and in case of any violation of these conditions of participation, the company reserves the right to exclude the respective registered user and/or the new customer from participating in the "friends wanted" programme. In such a case, the customer loses the possible claim to a bonus.