For those taking any note of this tournament, we have 2 of the 4 semi-finalists decided and 4 possible teams that can go through. It is almost certain that Australia will also go through. Therefore, allowing for a tiny amount of risk - we can be pretty much assured of three of the teams.

The lowest odds of any of the remaining teams is 18.0 at Betfair, which I assume will lower when they are reduced down to the remaining semi-finalist.

So, I suggest performing dutching calculations for Australia, England, Pakistan and A.N Other team. Place the money on the first 3 teams, and wait for the two matches today to be decided, and then place the remaining money on the team that goes through.

Australia 2.46
England 4.0
Pakistan 6.6
Undecided Team 18.0 (to be placed later)

For staking £350, I make it a profit of £50.

For more info, see Cricinfo which has a useful page containing all permutations.

The obvious problem I have noticed here is that I should be assuming the lowest price for the team that goes through and not the highest Still a profit to be made though - just a little bit lower.