TGT will host discussion/planning of and for "syndicate" bets which will be organised by individuals (NOT the company Propunter Ltd). Funds wil be held by, bets will be placed by, and winnings will be distributed by the person running the syndicate personally.

Payments must be sent by Moneybookers within the timeframe specified and must contain who it is from (TGT username) and also what it is for (Name/Ref of syndicate). Payment will always be sent back to the Moneybookers Email address which was used to send the £s initially with no exceptions.

These syndicates are meant to be "fun", because it is more fun to share winning with your mates and if you all pool resources there is also more chance of you actually having a win. Never gamble with more than you can afford to lose though and do treat any entry into a syndicate as a "spend" and assume you will be getting £0 back. Anything over £0 is a bonus.