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Premier League 2012/13 - Season / Team Previews - Intro

In the article we've only look at Premier League clubs - if you'd like a roundup / preview doing of a team from a lower league, let us know on this thread and we'll try and arrange it.

The article page is quoted below:

The beginning of a new football season is a cause for optimism in most football fans. Regardless of what happened in the previous campaign the average fan will search hard for shoots of recovery over the summer. Maybe that optimism will be brought about through the signing of a new star player or even a forward looking manager, or just the moving on of someone dyer (Kieran or Bruce perhaps, but not Danny).

What we do know is that come the first day of the season all that hope can be quickly dashed on the rocks of reality. Pre seasons, good or bad, tend not to have any bearing on what happens in the league so in terms of predictions we are floating in a sea of uncertainty. What we can objectively measure is whether a team has improved on the previous season, whether it’s more or less than their immediate rivals, and what are the odds (best priced as outright winner at time of publishing) on them achieving something.

What's it all about then?
With all of the above in mind, and with the caveat that we’d rather not have these predictions come back to bite us at the end of the season, that we give you our Premier League preview and predictions.

If you’re looking for an in-depth guide to reserve team players showing promise that might get 30 minutes in the second half of the season, this isn’t for you. If you want a rundown of the ins and outs of the teams and rivals, what their odds are on the league and cups and a bit of YouTube to show you what you could expect from them this season and the player from their past they’d most like to bring back, then you’re welcome.

In this first article, we start off with A(rsenal) to M(anchester City) - click the links below or use the drop down pager to see each article:
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M(an Utd) – S(toke) will be here for your viewing pleasure tomorrow and S(underland) – W(igan) on Friday.

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Missing your lower league team roundups?
We understand that not everyone is a fully paid up, chest beating member of the Premier League fan-club (officially the best league in the world) so if your club finds itself on harder times or is just a lower league perennial then drop us a comment below and we’ll treat you to an article on them at some point this season as well.