Thankyou for the offer of paying a fee but its not needed,

Since nobody won again I will set up a Mk4 now as the Jackpot is incredibly high and thats what we were going for, but I dont think after this one is won by somebody we should continue indefinitely, it is good to look back on it fondly as something we beat and quit whilst we were ahead. PokerGod started to run some kind of seperate syndicate and forum send him a PM for details perhaps.

On the new thread there wont be a cut off point in numbers but everyone must have entered by Midnight Thursday.

Logistically I will be abroad for a bit by then and there should be internet and not a problem but there is a Caveat that it is possible I might not be able to place the bet, if I cant then the £s will either be rolled over if nobody won the Scoop6 again or I will return all the money.