Only in Erie Pa, Some Clown fans took a bus to the game and parked in a parking lot and when they came back all the cars were towed.

Bad day for them fans as their team got whooped on....

Browns Fans Towed During Game
Reported by: Chris Cerenelli
Sunday, Sep 7, 2008 @07:52pm EST

Some local Cleveland Browns fans who made the trip to the 'Dawg Pound' Sunday returned to an unpleasant surprise when they returned to the Liberty Street parking lot where they parked...

The lot was full of about 75 cars Sunday morning when the Coach USA buses left for Browns Stadium in Cleveland but as soon as they did...Bizarro Towing sent two trucks in to clear this lot under the orders from the lot's owner out of New Jersey.

We made several calls to USA Coach and stopped by there Sunday evening to try to get to the bottom of this, and we also tried to reach the owner of the parking lot through Bizarro but since Bizarro won't have management in till Monday morning we weren't able to reach them either.

If you have a loved one or friend who took the bus to the game, this should serve as a heads up for when they get back into might need to give them a lift from the coach station.
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