Whilst we aim to keep the reviews up to date in a constantly changing environment that is not always possible.  This is especially true of bonus and freebet information which MUST be checked on the Gambling sites themselves for exact T&Cs.  If any information appears incorrect or contrary to your experience please contact so we can update it.


TheGamblingTimes recommends players use sites which have a minimum rating of 6+ Stars.

10 = The best of the best, 100% safety and unrivaled service and quality.

9/8 = Very good sites with negligable risk to funds, top class service.

7/6 = Good to Average sites with occasional slips in service and slight risks to funds.

5/4 = Average to poor sites, often poor customer service and some risk to players funds.

3/2 = Poor sites with frequently bad customer service and extreme risk to players funds.

1 = Scam sites, do not play there at any costs.

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