Caan Berry on Royal Ascot

This week Royal Ascot will bring hoards of punters to the markets. Many of which do not usually bet.

It’s a great opportunity to make some money…

With more ‘mug money’ in the markets, there’s a better chance of getting a favourable trading position filled. Here’s my views ahead of the week:

Scalper Central

Ok, straight to the point:

Ascot means turnover, massive turnover (of bets).

Traded volumes will far exceed your usual betting activity. This changes how the markets trade, and provides a goldmine for anyone that can scalp (a style of trading, explained here).

Essentially, the key is to get as much money matched as possible, either side of the active prices and then close out for a small win, over and over.

Sounds a little boring right?

Yup. On the flip side, it’s far more fun spending the cash it can produce. I always say; “get your kicks from spending it, not earning it”. Generally speaking, if you’re searching for a ‘buzz’ you’re doing it wrong, plain and simple.

The great thing about Ascot and bigger events is the money that floods the markets and doesn’t particularly care what price it gets. To traders it’s a goldmine, quite literally…

Grind it out: Steady is a Best Bet

As I’ve already aluded to; trading is done best when it’s boring.

Big wins, and crazy losses? Forget it.

Aim to grind it out all week, taking that steady, low-hanging fruit. It’ll pay its divedend every time. Over the years I’ve tried alsorts, and trading the markets defensively is always best for the bank balance (and stress levels). There’s no point in willing yourself into a heart-attack trade just to get a few extra quid. The best traders know this, not to say they won’t pull out some big results from Ascot, but it shouldn’t be stressful.

Like that old adage: “the tortoise wins the race”.

Beware: The Filler Cards

A word of warning; watch out for the races in-between.

You’ll see crazy thing happening, it isn’t just punters who over-stake and do their nuts! I don’t want that to be you…

Trading every situation the same is the fast route to the poor house. Don’t do it…

Races between Ascot will be erratic. Spikes in price, thinner liquidity with eyeballs generally on the more important card. Tread even more carefully!

Good luck.

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