Chelsea and Conte get Costa call right – Get him out!

The final straw for Antonio Conte came in January when Diego Costa’s petulance threatened his side’s title push.

The Italian did not need to think twice before axing him from the first-team squad, as Costa and his representatives had their head turned – again – by huge offers from China.

Every transfer window for the last 18-months has seen Costa strongly linked with a move, some he played down – some he did not, but it was always to his end.

January was different as it came as a bit of a shock, and the fact he was so hard in his stance – immediately lead Conte to the conclusion he was not a team player and not one who could be relied on for the future of Chelsea, and he is right.

Costa is Spanish according to his passport, but the Brazilian born striker he is a South American mercenary – nothing more, nothing less – and that is not a criticism to him, he wants the best for himself and if that means sacrificing his career, then so be it.

Now Costa has confirmed that Conte has told him he wants him out, but for him to suggest that he has only just heard this, well – we know that is not true.

After the furore in January, Chelsea and Conte knew they could not put up with Costa’s antics again – hence their pursuit of Romelu Lukaku – whether Costa stayed or not this summer. They knew they had to bring someone in, who was a long-term team player and who they could count on, so when the now bi-annual Costa strop comes, they would have somebody already in place.

Yes Costa on his day, is one of the greatest strikers in the world – he has been brilliant for Chelsea during his time, but threats to leave every transfer window could not be tolerated any longer and Conte has once again shown his class by doing the right thing and putting the team first, something Costa has never done.

Diego Costa – RealTime Images

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