Time Runner Venue
04:00 Sheet Lightning Ballarat (AU)
04:00 Havashout Ballarat (AU)
04:30 Lovology Ballarat (AU)
04:30 Vegas Reward Ballarat (AU)
04:30 Be Miss Luchy Ballarat (AU)
05:00 Gondola Ballarat (AU)
05:00 Fighting Faith Ballarat (AU)
05:30 Frisky Miss Ballarat (AU)
05:30 Running The Ritz Ballarat (AU)
05:30 Ramblers Road Ballarat (AU)
05:30 Magic Wishes Ballarat (AU)
06:30 Runbro Ballarat (AU)
07:30 Taken Time Ballarat (AU)
07:30 Jims Special Ballarat (AU)
10:11 The Redeemer Gloucester Park (AU)
03:50 Islands Hawkesbury (AU)
03:50 Scrooge Hawkesbury (AU)
04:25 Olorin Hawkesbury (AU)
04:25 Laila De Vega Hawkesbury (AU)
04:25 Ruby Tuesday Hawkesbury (AU)
05:05 Run For Glory Hawkesbury (AU)
05:05 Travanti Hawkesbury (AU)
05:40 Rexx Hawkesbury (AU)
05:40 Achi Baba Hawkesbury (AU)
06:15 Alert The Press Hawkesbury (AU)
06:15 You Excite Me Hawkesbury (AU)
06:50 Breakdance Hawkesbury (AU)
06:50 Mcmahon Hawkesbury (AU)
06:50 Dalswinton Hawkesbury (AU)
06:50 My Kings Counsel Hawkesbury (AU)
07:25 Rapture Miss Hawkesbury (AU)
07:25 Straight Home Hawkesbury (AU)
07:25 Mo The Great Hawkesbury (AU)
07:25 Ritmico Hawkesbury (AU)
07:25 Fluidity Hawkesbury (AU)
07:25 Dragons Shadow Hawkesbury (AU)
00:22 Miss Otis  saddle_3.gif Mountaineer Park (US)
00:22 Silver Magnolia  saddle_1.gif Mountaineer Park (US)
00:22 Satiate  saddle_5.gif Mountaineer Park (US)
00:22 Lutenanny  saddle_7.gif Mountaineer Park (US)
11:00 Abstract Fella Terang (AU)
12:03 Im Shadow Boxer Terang (AU)

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