Time Runner Venue
11:02 Gatesys Alley Bendigo (AU)
09:14 Little Growl Globe Derby (AU)
12:44 Rich American Gloucester Park (AU)
03:00 Kilmarnock Grafton (AU)
03:35 Miss Whittington Grafton (AU)
03:35 Quatum Grafton (AU)
03:35 Tumut River Grafton (AU)
04:10 Rahaan Grafton (AU)
04:10 First Sight Grafton (AU)
04:10 Phylave Grafton (AU)
04:45 Dr Mayhem Grafton (AU)
04:45 Spirit Legend Grafton (AU)
04:45 Bold Assertion Grafton (AU)
05:25 Cold Power Grafton (AU)
05:25 Sparkling Rose Grafton (AU)
06:05 Barbary Grafton (AU)
06:05 Shes Spicy Grafton (AU)
06:40 Partie Town Grafton (AU)
06:40 Leshrac Grafton (AU)
06:40 Without Risk Grafton (AU)
07:15 Bus Ticket Grafton (AU)
07:15 Loving Home Grafton (AU)
07:15 Youwaitandsee Grafton (AU)
07:50 Queenofthecastle Grafton (AU)
03:10 Prince Anacheeva Mornington (AU)
03:10 Diamond Luke Mornington (AU)
03:45 River Mist Mornington (AU)
04:30 One Nation Mornington (AU)
05:00 Jack The Raider Mornington (AU)
05:00 Barossa Kiss Mornington (AU)
06:00 Our August Rose Mornington (AU)
06:00 Sly Song Mornington (AU)
06:30 Hermans Bells Mornington (AU)
06:30 Comte Mornington (AU)
06:30 Savvy Shields Mornington (AU)
06:30 Any Given Bender Mornington (AU)
07:00 Dratini Mornington (AU)
07:00 Squibbly Dibbly Mornington (AU)
07:00 Admiral Michelle Mornington (AU)
07:00 Elusive Shine Mornington (AU)
02:05 Gogol Newcastle (AU)
02:05 Loves A Hit Newcastle (AU)
02:40 Stoical Newcastle (AU)
04:25 Chief Kidder Newcastle (AU)
04:25 Confident Lad Newcastle (AU)
05:05 Archanna Newcastle (AU)
05:05 Blueant Newcastle (AU)
05:05 Dr Copper Newcastle (AU)
05:40 Tapiconic Newcastle (AU)
06:20 Aytobe Newcastle (AU)
06:55 Fast N Forward Newcastle (AU)
06:55 Jazette Newcastle (AU)
07:30 Chivadahlii Newcastle (AU)
07:30 Menagerie Newcastle (AU)
07:30 Oribella Newcastle (AU)
07:30 Acoustix Newcastle (AU)
08:05 Shapur Newcastle (AU)
08:05 Accoy Newcastle (AU)
08:05 Temprado Newcastle (AU)
22:45 Aw Ite  saddle_9.gif Will Rogers Downs (US)
22:45 Corrana En Limen  saddle_10.gif Will Rogers Downs (US)
22:45 Honor Deputy  saddle_6.gif Will Rogers Downs (US)
23:15 Sandy Sangria  saddle_7.gif Will Rogers Downs (US)
23:15 Miss Orienta  saddle_8.gif Will Rogers Downs (US)

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