Time Runner Venue
07:55 7. Majoras Mask  c20181024ASCT/1062108.png Ascot (AU)
09:10 15. Majestic Man  c20181024ASCT/1056673.png Ascot (AU)
09:10 5. Dainty Pat  c20181024ASCT/1130873.png Ascot (AU)
14:05 11. Joffretou Compiegne (FR)
14:40 4. Evidence Allen Compiegne (FR)
14:20 Sacred Night  20181023dur142003.png Durbanville (ZA)
14:50 Wave Hello  20181023dur145013.png Durbanville (ZA)
15:20 Woodlands Forest  20181023dur152001.png Durbanville (ZA)
14:50 G For Ginger  c20181024fon/00076991.jpg Fontwell (GB)
04:10 10. Royal Applause  c20181024GEEL/1042595.png Geelong (AU)
04:10 9. Onehundred Percent  c20181024GEEL/1164642.png Geelong (AU)
14:15 Doi Suthep  c20181023gow/00046546.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
14:15 Snow Ocean  c20181023gow/00060143I.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
14:15 Rememberthetitans  c20181023gow/00062434B.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
14:15 Pocotaligo  c20181023gow/00829454.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
14:45 Zeb Spirit  c20181023gow/00070212.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
14:45 Swelltime  c20181023gow/00006730.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
14:45 Saw The Sea  c20181023gow/00006730.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
15:15 Conversant  c20181023gow/00045205.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
15:15 Cyrus Dallin  c20181023gow/00853274.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
15:15 Cappadocia  c20181023gow/00080234.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
15:45 Sun A Rye  c20181023gow/00854207.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
15:45 Yourartisonfire  c20181023gow/00079836.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
15:45 Voyageofdiscovery  c20181023gow/00071537.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
16:15 Synopsis  c20181023gow/00854041.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
16:15 Innamorare  c20181023gow/00854216.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
16:45 Ten Joys  c20181023gow/00059626.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
16:45 Leavethekeysinher  c20181023gow/00844103.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
16:45 Cosmic Symbol  c20181023gow/00844751.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
17:15 Misty Millie  c20181023gow/00064447.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
17:15 Alwarda  c20181023gow/00014437.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
17:15 Bercasa  c20181023gow/00025818.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
17:15 The Perch  c20181023gow/00070514.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
17:15 No Way Jack  c20181023gow/00078239B.jpg Gowran Park (IE)
03:08 6. Mehmeto  c20181024IPSW/1115252.png Ipswich (AU)
03:43 10. One More Cast  c20181024IPSW/1189992.png Ipswich (AU)
04:53 9. Loves Woger Wing  c20181024IPSW/1356254.png Ipswich (AU)
04:53 11. Lady Clare  c20181024IPSW/1356384.png Ipswich (AU)
06:10 1. Stella Victoria  c20181024IPSW/1095084.png Ipswich (AU)
08:10 12. Bimini Road  c20181024IPSW/1165378.png Ipswich (AU)
18:10 Snow Mobile  c20181023kem/00059731.jpg Kempton (GB)
19:40 Aaliya  c20181023kem/00061910.jpg Kempton (GB)
20:10 Human Nature  c20181023kem/00847126A.jpg Kempton (GB)
20:10 Mujassam  c20181023kem/00846331.jpg Kempton (GB)
20:40 Diamond Ridge  c20181023kem/00852468.jpg Kempton (GB)
16:10 Kilcoran  c20181023nwc/00061840.jpg Newcastle (GB)
17:15 New Society  c20181024nwc/00830595.jpg Newcastle (GB)
17:45 Casina Di Notte  c20181023nwc/00077549.jpg Newcastle (GB)
20:45 Cloudlam  c20181024nwc/00836723.jpg Newcastle (GB)
13:30 Indian Sea  c20181024nwm/00853563.jpg Newmarket (GB)
05:40 2. Sir Garfield  c20181024OAKB/1187908.png Oakbank (AU)
14:05 A Js Girl Vaal (ZA)
14:40 Ruffiana  20181023vaa144007.png Vaal (ZA)
15:10 Front Page News  20181023vaa151003.png Vaal (ZA)
15:10 Eighty Four  20181023vaa151008.png Vaal (ZA)
15:10 Agent Kay  20181023vaa151001.png Vaal (ZA)
04:35 4. Les Amoureux  c20181024WFM/1333191.png Warwick Farm (AU)
14:30 Bella Beluga  c20181023yar/00832374.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
15:00 Spiritually  c20181023yar/00064414.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
15:00 Anglesey Penny  c20181023yar/00072302.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
15:30 Big Sigh  c20181023yar/00078782.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
15:30 Blooriedotcom  c20181023yar/00848486.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
15:30 Nelson River  c20181023yar/00853896.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
16:00 Caramuru  c20181023yar/00843470.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
16:30 Magical Molly Joe  c20181023yar/00854454.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
16:30 Billy Bond  c20181023yar/00829512.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
16:30 Snooker Jim  c20181023yar/00831306.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
17:00 Billiebrookedit  c20181023yar/00851579.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
17:00 Artscape  c20181023yar/00077008.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
17:00 Father Mckenzie  c20181023yar/00069156.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
17:00 Who Told Jo Jo  c20181023yar/00841213.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
17:00 Shesthedream  c20181023yar/00853859.jpg Yarmouth (GB)

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