Time Runner Venue
17:45 Calliope  c20180522ayr/00080074.jpg Ayr (GB)
04:30 8. Jawhara  c20180522GEET/1133909.png Geelong (AU)
00:07 Salutetheprince  saddle_9.gif Louisiana Downs (US)
00:07 Bitsys Half  saddle_1A.gif Louisiana Downs (US)
23:11 Miss Haloactif  saddle_2.gif Louisiana Downs (US)
00:44 Include The Best  saddle_6.gif Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort (US)
00:22 Handy Candy  saddle_8.gif Mountaineer Park (US)
00:22 Pacific Image  saddle_2.gif Mountaineer Park (US)
02:34 Sucker Punched  saddle_2.gif Mountaineer Park (US)
02:56 Finishing A Dream  saddle_5.gif Mountaineer Park (US)
02:56 Rockabye  saddle_7.gif Mountaineer Park (US)
14:55 Dont Cry About It  c20180522not/00848887.jpg Nottingham (GB)
00:05 The Money Dance  saddle_4.gif Presque Isle Downs (US)
00:30 Domissme  saddle_1.gif Presque Isle Downs (US)
00:30 San Gennaro  saddle_7.gif Presque Isle Downs (US)
00:55 Your Kidden Me  saddle_1A.gif Presque Isle Downs (US)
00:55 Your Kidden Me  saddle_3.gif Presque Isle Downs (US)
23:15 Mr. Freud  saddle_8.gif Presque Isle Downs (US)
23:40 Divine Sonet  saddle_4.gif Presque Isle Downs (US)
07:34 9. Dakota Rocks  c20180522ROCK/1012628.png Rockhampton (AU)
04:05 16. Kaera Jaani  c20180522WELL/1086498.png Wellington (AU)
04:05 15. Pay For The Thrill  c20180522WELL/1156927.png Wellington (AU)
04:40 1. Fame and Fortune  c20180522WELL/1154868.png Wellington (AU)
04:40 9. Return Journey  c20180522WELL/671879.png Wellington (AU)
07:10 11. Happens Nomore  c20180522WELL/1164374.png Wellington (AU)
07:10 7. Simply Striking  c20180522WELL/987678.png Wellington (AU)
07:45 13. Kalisas Secret  c20180522WELL/1011136.png Wellington (AU)
07:45 11. Rise Me Up  c20180522WELL/721445.png Wellington (AU)
03:40 7. Fanny Chenal  c20180522WYNG/1115332.png Wyong (AU)
04:20 6. Temple Run  c20180522WYNG/1195236.png Wyong (AU)
04:55 6. Morpheus  c20180522WYNG/1210625.png Wyong (AU)
04:55 7. Mr Boomjangles  c20180522WYNG/1202096.png Wyong (AU)
14:55 Jackie Sparrow  c20180523yar/00072492.jpg Yarmouth (GB)

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