Time Runner Venue
14:45 Riga Dora  c20201201fav/20201201fav144501.png Fairview (ZA)
03:48 Divulge Gold Coast (AU)
05:02 Camerlengo Gold Coast (AU)
05:02 Miss Hustle Gold Coast (AU)
05:37 Euro Belle Gold Coast (AU)
06:50 Pay With Cash Gold Coast (AU)
06:50 Depths Below Gold Coast (AU)
07:25 Royal Sheen Gold Coast (AU)
03:00 Mantinello Gosford (AU)
05:20 Bat Pad Gosford (AU)
19:00 Lady Reset  c20201202kem/00006592.jpg Kempton (GB)
08:25 Readily Rewarded Launceston (AU)
11:00 Bothered Launceston (AU)
14:15 Moyode Gold  c20201201lim/00862138.jpg Limerick (IE)
14:15 Danse Away  c20201201lim/00043694.jpg Limerick (IE)
15:15 Getaway Pippa  c20201201lim/00859377.jpg Limerick (IE)
15:15 Thedapperdoyen  c20201201lim/00828608.jpg Limerick (IE)
15:15 Johanna Yeats  c20201201lim/00081155A.jpg Limerick (IE)
15:45 Belle Lurette  c20201201lim/00833528A.jpg Limerick (IE)
11:30 Gravity Wave  c20201202lin/00023632.jpg Lingfield (GB)
14:23 Chambard  c20201201lin/00837385.jpg Lingfield (GB)
14:53 Away For Slates  c20201201lin/00856558.jpg Lingfield (GB)
14:40 Pennymoor  c20201201nwc/00012133D.jpg Newcastle (GB)
16:45 Split Elevens  c20201201nwc/00851005.jpg Newcastle (GB)
17:15 Tomily  c20201201nwc/00864810.jpg Newcastle (GB)
08:15 Spring Bouquet Sandown (AU)
15:32 Court Glory  c20201201sou/00860093.jpg Southwell (GB)
15:32 Solstalla  c20201201sou/00046657.jpg Southwell (GB)
16:00 Vape  c20201201wol/00060217.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
16:30 Jordans Chris  c20201201wol/00858504.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
17:00 Bye Bye Lady  c20201201wol/00847648.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
17:00 Mister Manduro  c20201201wol/00006376A.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
17:30 Lord of The Glen  c20201201wol/00069161.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
18:00 Epaneema  c20201201wol/00862765.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
19:30 Trepidation  c20201201wol/00855341.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)

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