Time Runner Venue
13:50 Go On Go On Uhavit  c20230925dwr/00866279.jpg Down Royal (IE)
14:25 Mythical Phoenix  c20230925dwr/00858557.jpg Down Royal (IE)
15:00 Nans View  c20230925dwr/00075653.jpg Down Royal (IE)
16:10 Even Flow  c20230925dwr/00873200.jpg Down Royal (IE)
16:10 Gosford  c20230925dwr/00073895.jpg Down Royal (IE)
16:45 Lissadell  c20230925dwr/00019465.jpg Down Royal (IE)
16:45 Little Jo  c20230925dwr/00071159A.jpg Down Royal (IE)
16:45 Lord Park  c20230925dwr/00873594.jpg Down Royal (IE)
05:40 Gleaming Legend Grafton (AU)
08:10 Osaka Miss Grafton (AU)
13:25 Roys Rocker  c20230925gre/20230925gre132513.png Greyville (ZA)
14:00 Ninety Nine Heros  c20230925gre/20230925gre140006.png Greyville (ZA)
14:35 National Dream  c20230925gre/20230925gre143504.png Greyville (ZA)
14:35 Flag Bearer  c20230925gre/20230925gre143505.png Greyville (ZA)
15:10 Mescal  c20230925gre/20230925gre151008.png Greyville (ZA)
15:10 Mini Coop  c20230925gre/20230925gre151001.png Greyville (ZA)
15:45 Count Marsh  c20230925gre/20230925gre154510.png Greyville (ZA)
15:45 William Rufus  c20230925gre/20230925gre154508.png Greyville (ZA)
17:15 Quanah  c20230925ham/00076224.jpg Hamilton (GB)
05:30 Ambello Horsham (AU)
07:30 Leaders Pride Horsham (AU)
14:05 Ey Up Its Jazz  c20230925lei/00868318.jpg Leicester (GB)
14:05 Lincoln Red  c20230925lei/00852577.jpg Leicester (GB)
15:15 Flashy Apache  c20230925lei/00839815.jpg Leicester (GB)
05:55 Stay Tonight Newcastle (AU)
17:30 Keeponbelieving  c20230926nwc/00071655.jpg Newcastle (GB)
14:10 Lake Manzaleh  c20230925ros/00077776.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:10 Jullou De Grissay  c20230925ros/00059367.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:10 Bayou Belle  c20230925ros/00077283.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:10 Tropical Speed  c20230925ros/00014762.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:10 Evans Secret  c20230925ros/00863393.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:45 Mr Macphisto  c20230925ros/00869241.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:45 Resilient Front  c20230925ros/00062204.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:45 Angelsworknovrtime  c20230925ros/00836684.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:45 Action Station  c20230925ros/00870868.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:45 Grizabella  c20230925ros/00866580.jpg Roscommon (IE)
14:45 Steps In The Sand  c20230925ros/00865312.jpg Roscommon (IE)
15:20 River Robe  c20230925ros/00033778.jpg Roscommon (IE)
15:20 Loughrask Sunrise  c20230925ros/00038754.jpg Roscommon (IE)
15:55 Good World  c20230925ros/00863961.jpg Roscommon (IE)
15:55 Hand Over Fist  c20230925ros/00874466.jpg Roscommon (IE)
15:55 Jay Jay Zee  c20230925ros/00877275.jpg Roscommon (IE)
15:55 Pat Coyne  c20230925ros/00047027.jpg Roscommon (IE)
15:55 Outside The Door  c20230925ros/00867927.jpg Roscommon (IE)
16:30 Solness  c20230925ros/00875180.jpg Roscommon (IE)
17:40 Paddy Elvis  c20230925ros/00069530.jpg Roscommon (IE)
17:40 Glens Lullaby  c20230925ros/00044745.jpg Roscommon (IE)
13:55 Go On Ya Goodthing  c20230925war/00008157.jpg Warwick (GB)
16:50 Good News  c20230925war/00843835.jpg Warwick (GB)
18:00 High Violet  c20230925wol/00071392.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
19:00 White Umbrella  c20230925wol/00867305.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
19:00 Deputise  c20230925wol/00876155A.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
19:30 Clement Danes  c20230925wol/00016739.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)

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