Time Runner Venue
02:05 No Nay Emerald Bendigo (AU)
02:40 River Severn Bendigo (AU)
02:40 Halep Bendigo (AU)
03:15 Clever Cut Bendigo (AU)
06:00 Super Hussey Bendigo (AU)
06:00 Mount Tabora Bendigo (AU)
06:00 Goethe Bendigo (AU)
06:35 Milord Bendigo (AU)
04:05 Mint To Be Bordertown (AU)
05:10 Son Of City Bordertown (AU)
05:10 Jackthegiantslayer Bordertown (AU)
05:45 Dyagilev Bordertown (AU)
03:10 Disobedient Canberra (AU)
03:10 Mokasoi Deluxe Canberra (AU)
03:10 Care Factor Canberra (AU)
03:45 Bryan Roy Canberra (AU)
03:45 I Am Flying Canberra (AU)
03:45 Enraged Canberra (AU)
05:05 Miss Antares Canberra (AU)
06:15 Izzy Looking Good Canberra (AU)
06:15 Duchess Of Windsor Canberra (AU)
06:15 I Love Luka Canberra (AU)
15:00 Fontaine Collonges  c20191215crl/00032507.jpg Carlisle (GB)
02:32 My Halo  saddle_11.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:02 Lilbitsofdrama  saddle_11.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:02 How Is She  saddle_13.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:02 Cruz In The Castle  saddle_12.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:02 Tinas Song  saddle_14.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:32 Deputy James  saddle_12.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:32 Black Candy  saddle_11.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:32 Earlscastle  saddle_6.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
04:02 Dah Philly  saddle_13.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
04:02 Ramantical  saddle_12.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
04:02 Charitable Vow  saddle_11.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
02:39 Chasing Happy  saddle_11.gif Delta Downs (US)
02:39 King Formeredith  saddle_12.gif Delta Downs (US)
01:55 Ripped Ellerslie (NZ)
03:05 Kiwianna Ellerslie (NZ)
03:05 Selenelion Ellerslie (NZ)
03:05 Shanghar Ellerslie (NZ)
03:40 Annies Song Ellerslie (NZ)
05:26 Ata Rangi Ellerslie (NZ)
05:26 Fluorobus Ellerslie (NZ)
03:35 Moinda Hawkesbury (AU)
04:10 Edison Hawkesbury (AU)
04:10 Galaxial Hawkesbury (AU)
04:50 Capri Of Tuffy Hawkesbury (AU)
06:05 I Love Luka Hawkesbury (AU)
02:15 Stuey D Hobart (AU)
03:24 Miss Cracker Hobart (AU)
03:24 Wheresmilzee Hobart (AU)
04:44 Jocund Hobart (AU)
05:18 Southern Gnp Hobart (AU)
05:54 Arctic Hobart (AU)
01:52 Absenceispresence  saddle_6.gif Penn National (US)
02:20 Shackle Me Good  saddle_8.gif Penn National (US)
02:20 E Lizzy  saddle_4.gif Penn National (US)
02:20 Moxie Momentum  saddle_5.gif Penn National (US)
02:45 Cabin Fever Sunshine Coast (AU)
03:20 Own Sweet Way Sunshine Coast (AU)
03:55 Kiwi Showgirl Sunshine Coast (AU)
05:15 Jomera Sunshine Coast (AU)
05:50 Dream Master Sunshine Coast (AU)
05:50 Comic Story Sunshine Coast (AU)
06:25 Red Doulton Sunshine Coast (AU)
06:25 Sojournist Sunshine Coast (AU)
07:00 In Great Nic Sunshine Coast (AU)
07:00 Dark Archer Sunshine Coast (AU)
07:00 Der Sieger Sunshine Coast (AU)
07:00 Tyres Are Crucial Sunshine Coast (AU)

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