Time Runner Venue
15:55 Morph  c20200704bel/00862606.jpg Bellewstown (IE)
15:55 Bamileke Des Noes  c20200704bel/00043060.jpg Bellewstown (IE)
18:05 Lady Vera  c20200704bel/00082186.jpg Bellewstown (IE)
04:58 Winsalot Belmont (AU)
04:58 Pure Excitement Belmont (AU)
05:37 Queen Brown Belmont (AU)
05:37 Brekky With A Bang Belmont (AU)
09:20 Kay Cee Belmont (AU)
09:55 Juicing Carrots Belmont (AU)
18:50 Unbridledadventure  saddle_1A.gif Belmont Park (US)
18:50 Darias Angel  saddle_3.gif Belmont Park (US)
18:50 Solitary Gem  saddle_4.gif Belmont Park (US)
18:50 Beyond Discreet  saddle_9.gif Belmont Park (US)
18:50 Ok Honey  saddle_7.gif Belmont Park (US)
19:55 Lady Macho  saddle_8.gif Belmont Park (US)
20:27 Missle Bomb  saddle_2.gif Belmont Park (US)
20:27 Eye Luv Lulu  saddle_5.gif Belmont Park (US)
20:59 Vigilantes Way  saddle_4.gif Belmont Park (US)
22:04 Big Thicket  saddle_2B.gif Belmont Park (US)
22:04 Quintarelli  saddle_9.gif Belmont Park (US)
22:04 Copper Chalice  saddle_4.gif Belmont Park (US)
23:08 Ratchet  saddle_15.gif Belmont Park (US)
23:08 Tempesta  saddle_13.gif Belmont Park (US)
23:08 Fluent In Sarcasm  saddle_14.gif Belmont Park (US)
01:02 Shoofly Pie  saddle_2.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
02:02 Dynamic Union  saddle_7.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
02:02 Golden Vale  saddle_11.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
02:02 Meemaws Heart  saddle_13.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:32 Broadway Trouper  saddle_12.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:32 Sweep The Board  saddle_11.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
03:32 Bodhicitta  saddle_13.gif Charles Town Races & Slots (US)
17:45 Mirann Cork (IE)
02:43 Chico Milagro Eagle Farm (AU)
02:43 Sanctioned Eagle Farm (AU)
03:53 Epic Rant Eagle Farm (AU)
04:28 Red Doulton Eagle Farm (AU)
04:28 Lashoni Eagle Farm (AU)
05:03 Bellissimi Amici Eagle Farm (AU)
06:22 Garibaldi Eagle Farm (AU)
06:22 Roasted Eagle Farm (AU)
06:22 The Power Of One Eagle Farm (AU)
07:41 Solar Star Eagle Farm (AU)
07:41 Spirits Choice Eagle Farm (AU)
07:41 Satin Socks Eagle Farm (AU)
07:41 Skate To Paris Eagle Farm (AU)
07:41 Boomtown Lass Eagle Farm (AU)
02:31 Future Force Echuca (AU)
05:26 Who Shot Who Echuca (AU)
06:06 Wicked Heights Echuca (AU)
07:26 Crafty Cruiser Echuca (AU)
17:35 Buridan  c20200704eps/00830186.jpg Epsom (GB)
00:44 Thats A Song  saddle_9.gif Evangeline Downs (US)
01:11 White Russian  saddle_8.gif Evangeline Downs (US)
02:59 Quikfast N Ahurry  saddle_9.gif Evangeline Downs (US)
03:26 Drewsizzle  saddle_1.gif Evangeline Downs (US)
03:25 Desert Path Flemington (AU)
03:25 Ventura Storm Flemington (AU)
04:00 Maui Flemington (AU)
04:35 Blue Ocean Flemington (AU)
07:37 Across The Way Flemington (AU)
04:43 The Power Of One Gold Coast (AU)
17:20 Toronado Queen  c20200703ham/00830359.jpg Hamilton (GB)
18:20 Card High  c20200703ham/00027882.jpg Hamilton (GB)
18:20 Kensington Art  c20200703ham/00059409.jpg Hamilton (GB)
12:30 Spirit Of The Sky  c20200704hay/00031404.jpg Haydock (GB)
12:30 Spirit Of The Sky  c20200705don/00031404.jpg Haydock (GB)
13:00 Rich Approach  c20200704hay/00847664.jpg Haydock (GB)
13:30 Wedding Dance  c20200704hay/00012133.jpg Haydock (GB)
14:05 Incognito  c20200704hay/00856452.jpg Haydock (GB)
15:15 Bianca Castafiore  c20200704hay/00023403.jpg Haydock (GB)
15:50 Declaring Love  c20200704hay/00012133.jpg Haydock (GB)
03:01 Malvado Murray Bridge (AU)
03:01 Shes Krupt Murray Bridge (AU)
03:36 Bolt By Murray Bridge (AU)
05:21 Miss Mandito Murray Bridge (AU)
07:21 Miss Belisa Murray Bridge (AU)
18:10 Hinemoa  c20200703nav/00033694.jpg Navan (IE)
18:10 Cache Queen  c20200703nav/00850683.jpg Navan (IE)
18:10 Nam  c20200703nav/00006963.jpg Navan (IE)
18:10 Clonard Abbey  c20200703nav/00034049.jpg Navan (IE)
18:10 Clonard Abbey  c20200705fai/00034049.jpg Navan (IE)
18:45 Highway To Heaven  c20200703nav/00861602.jpg Navan (IE)
18:45 Lottieloveheart  c20200703nav/00849251.jpg Navan (IE)
18:45 Loingseoir  c20200703nav/00862943.jpg Navan (IE)
19:15 Psyche  c20200703nav/00853397A.jpg Navan (IE)
19:15 Thames River  c20200703nav/00851894C.jpg Navan (IE)
19:45 Excelcius  c20200703nav/00025818.jpg Navan (IE)
19:45 Queen Amidala  c20200703nav/00065680A.jpg Navan (IE)
19:45 Kasperenko  c20200703nav/00051021.jpg Navan (IE)
20:15 Timemakesitfine  c20200703nav/00848802.jpg Navan (IE)
20:15 Timemakesitfine  c20200705fai/00848802.jpg Navan (IE)
20:15 Futurum Regem  c20200703nav/00860176.jpg Navan (IE)
03:29 Pitchfork Newcastle (AU)
05:14 Minifinn Newcastle (AU)
23:00 Gotta Get Away  saddle_4.gif Penn National (US)
02:35 Maddi Rocks Randwick (AU)
03:10 Tale Of The Kraut Randwick (AU)
03:10 Mont Genep Randwick (AU)
03:10 Golden Avenger Randwick (AU)
03:45 Spaceboy Randwick (AU)
04:20 Dark Eyes Randwick (AU)
04:55 Broken Arrows Randwick (AU)
05:30 Rezealient Randwick (AU)
07:30 Calibration Randwick (AU)
08:30 Coup Toowoomba (AU)
09:40 Stazzana Toowoomba (AU)
17:00 Stay Calm  c20200703wol/00004554.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
17:30 Eagle Eyed Freddie  c20200703wol/00862696.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
18:00 Secondo  c20200703wol/00851832.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
19:30 Valley Belle  c20200703wol/00849207.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
20:00 Solar Park  c20200703wol/00857860.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
19:33 Red Rollin  saddle_11.gif Woodbine (US)
20:41 All Inclusive  saddle_6.gif Woodbine (US)
17:55 Propriety  c20200704yar/00000070.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
18:25 Huddle  c20200704yar/00079230.jpg Yarmouth (GB)
18:55 Apres Dark  c20200704yar/00855024.jpg Yarmouth (GB)

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