Time Runner Venue
06:20 Squidensquizz Albury (AU)
14:10 Arriba Arriba  c20190820bri/00855250.jpg Brighton (GB)
20:15 Polite Pearl  saddle_7.gif Delaware Park (US)
20:15 Barley Jack  saddle_6.gif Delaware Park (US)
20:45 Evil Woman  saddle_2.gif Delaware Park (US)
20:45 Flippity Flop  saddle_7.gif Delaware Park (US)
21:15 Asset Allocation  saddle_8.gif Delaware Park (US)
20:25 Ganache  saddle_5.gif Finger Lakes (US)
21:19 Uncle Sigh  saddle_2.gif Finger Lakes (US)
21:19 Invaluable Will  saddle_7.gif Finger Lakes (US)
21:19 Blugrascats Smile  saddle_4.gif Finger Lakes (US)
21:46 Sweet Shallots  saddle_1A.gif Finger Lakes (US)
21:46 Trufflesberg  saddle_2.gif Finger Lakes (US)
21:46 Christening  saddle_6.gif Finger Lakes (US)
01:06 Evillicious  saddle_4.gif Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort (US)
20:05 Bit Spicy  c20190820nwt/00837444.jpg Newton Abbot (GB)
19:50 Charcor  c20190819ros/00073961.jpg Roscommon (IE)
20:20 Kelters Dawn  c20190819ros/00834195.jpg Roscommon (IE)
20:20 Aasleagh Fawn  c20190819ros/00075651.jpg Roscommon (IE)
20:20 Steelyeyed  c20190819ros/00843276A.jpg Roscommon (IE)
11:00 Miss What Usain Terang (AU)
19:55 Paco Dawn  c20190820yar/00063634.jpg Yarmouth (GB)

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