Time Runner Venue
03:05 4. Vikings Fury  c20180225BKVA/1192201.png Balaklava (AU)
12:35 3. Luis Alberto Bunbury (AU)
13:55 Lets Sway  c20180224chp/00032530.jpg Chepstow (GB)
17:10 Perito Moreno  c20180224fai/00836336.jpg Fairyhouse (IE)
15:55 Darcy Ward  c20180225fon/00850325.jpg Fontwell (GB)
20:02 8. Sultana Jo Hipodromo Chile (CL)
20:27 7. Siete Veces Bella Hipodromo Chile (CL)
22:14 7. Massif Hipodromo Chile (CL)
14:15 Apollo Star  20180224ken141504.png Kenilworth (ZA)
02:55 18. Elegatano  c20180225MOWB/1010536.png Launceston (AU)
13:30 Possibly So  c20180224lin/00042026I.jpg Lingfield (GB)
17:00 Moneyoryourlife  c20180224lin/00005321.jpg Lingfield (GB)
13:35 Strathy  c20180224nwc/00018877.jpg Newcastle (GB)
15:55 Master of Irony  c20180224nwc/00844423.jpg Newcastle (GB)
16:05 Windy Writer  c20180225sou/00843203.jpg Southwell (GB)
13:20 Shaboom Shaboom  20180224trf132002.png Turffontein (ZA)
17:45 Napping  c20180224wol/00021580.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
18:15 Mehdi  c20180224wol/00060078B.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
20:45 Play With Me  c20180224wol/00845309.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
21:15 Binky Blue  c20180224wol/00077008.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)
21:15 Emperor Bob  c20180224wol/00851030.jpg Wolverhampton (GB)

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