David Haye v Tony Bellew preview

One of the most anticipated British boxing clashes of all time is how you could easily describe David Haye against Tony Bellew, as the pair clash in a heavyweight clash at the O2 Arena on Saturday, with the fight itself likely to take place around 10:30pm.

This pair have never liked each other, and once they clashed at ringside following Bellew’s win of BJ Flores in October – the public were demanding just one thing, and the deal was agreed not long after for the pair to meet in the ring.

To make the fight, Bellew has agreed to step up to heavyweight from cruiserweight – Haye’s previous division, but there will not be any belts on the line.

The weigh in came as shock to many, with most predicting the pair would be fairly level in weight – but Haye is coming in heavier after he weighed in at 16st 9oz compared to Bellew at 15st 3lbs 8oz.

Bellew for one was shocked by Haye’s weight and said: “I thought he’d be lighter, I’m over the moon about his weight. He’s going to gas!

“I could have been heavier if I wanted to. He’ll get hit back, for the first time in six years, and he won’t be happy.”

Yet Haye remained defiant and is refusing to acknowledge Bellew as a serous threat to him.

“My genuine, realistic prediction? Unless he’s had a brain transplant a chin transplant and a body transplant he’s getting knocked out really really quick. My prediction is a spectacular violent knockout, a showreel knockout,” he said.

‘”My gut instinct says a vicious barrage of punches. First stuns him, the next three or four finish him off. When the first shot glances his head, he will realise it (fighting at heavyweight) is a different sport.”

Haye odds-on

We spoke with Betsafe – who are sponsoring the fight – and their Head of Sportsbook Alex Haig and he confirmed Haye was a very short price due to all the money coming for the ‘Hayemaker’.

“So far we have seen almost no money whatsoever for Bellew. We have been top market price on David Haye and this is reflecting in our liabilities which is all showing as a big loss with a Haye victory,” he told TheGamblingTimes

“Both fighters to be knocked down” has seen a lot of interest at 6/1 and also “Haye to be knocked down and win” also at 6/1 has seen some action. Based on our customers bets, people are expecting an explosive fight.

“We have boosted our price on the fight to end in the first 3 rounds to 5/2 and have seen a lot of action here also. All of our customers have been opting for early round finishes with very few punters opting for the fight to go the distance.

“Betsafe is hoping for a Bellew decision on points however we just can’t see it going that way. Tough to see Bellew winning this in the early rounds and seems his best chance is for this fight to get to the later rounds to test Hayes stamina. We’re siding with out punters opinions here and think that an early round Haye stoppage is on the cards, “Fight to End in Round 1-3” at 5/2 looks a cracking bet but for punters looking for a bigger pay day Haye to win in the second round at 10/1 is a fancied pick here.”

How best to describe this grudge match that has made headlines for all the wrong reasons? Basically, it’s a circus act!

We also spoke with our boxing expert Tim Rickson, who is not convinced we will see much of a match-up at all on Saturday evening.

“How best to describe this grudge match that has made headlines for all the wrong reasons? Basically, it’s a circus act!” he told TheGamblingTimes.com.

“I have followed Haye’s career avidly since his cruiserweight days, have always willed him to win in every fight, and I’m a fellow Millwall fan so it pains me to say that since his return from retirement, he has gone about his business like a clown.

“Bellew is just as bad. If you were a serious boxer with solid aspirations to be the best, then you would not move up to the heavyweight division – which is unlike any other weight category – and debut in a fight of this magnitude, unless there was an ulterior motive…money.

“The Merseysider will still keep his WBC World cruiserweight title so his plan is clearly to jump up to the heavyweights, grab the headlines crudely with trash talking and play acting, fight Haye and get sparked out within the first three rounds, collect a huge pay day, and then go back down to 200lbs again and resume business as normal with a much healthier bank balance.

“He could never earn a pay day like this in the cruiserweights so you cannot blame him really, and full credit for his bravery by taking on Haye in the heavyweights.

“For Haye, he will win this mismatch with ease and prove to all of his critics…well, absolutely nothing at all, really.

“Unfortunately, this fight is not about pitting two well-matched fighters against each other to determine who is the best that’ll move onto deservedly bigger bouts; it’s a pay day for both fighters and a freak show for fans.

“Haye currently has 26 KOs from 28 wins, nine of those came within the first round. I’d place my bets on the hate-filled Hayemaker wanting to shut Bellew up as soon as possible, so my money is on his first round KO tally reaching double figures this weekend.”


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