Football INDEX – Banking on the Buzz

There are a number of ways to make money on Football INDEX.

Buying Buzz winners is a method usually reserved for the big spenders.

Here we will look at how you would need to invest and the potential returns of this strategy.

Football INDEX tracks 25 different news sources for stories mentioning players, and will award points based on how positive that story is. Scoring late winners, particular standout performances, injuries, new contracts, transfer rumours and press conferences are always a strong source of stories that translate into Buzz points.

So how does this translate to making money? 100 futures held in a Buzz winner translates to £5.00 in dividends.

If you had 5 regular winners in your portfolio you could top the Buzz once or twice a week (maybe more if you chose wisely)  – which translates to around £40 a month in dividends, combined with the potential increase in their price. It’s important to know that you have to hold futures for at least 24 hours before being eligible for a Buzz win – so don’t go jumping on the bandwagon too late.

Earning dividends from Buzz wins will often offset the unpredictable nature of price changes and as such provide a more regular and stable income stream. For every couple of ‘hot prospects’ that you buy chasing a price increase, it is worth insuring that risk against a proven buzz winner who’s price is more stable.

Manchester United players are regular winners, particularly Rashford and previously Rooney and Ibrahimovic. And you could have Antione Griezmann, if he signs with United as expected.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a fantastic price at the moment and is second overall in all-time points scored. With the upcoming Champions League Final bound to get huge media coverage he is a must in any portfolio.

Looking towards summer, you won’t be able to rely on high profile matches to get buzz wins and as such will need to look at transfer stories – particularly those that look likely to drag out over the summer for maximum media coverage.

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