Football INDEX Insight – Looking at the expansion

If you are a trader on the Football Index then unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you would have heard about the huge product announcement that was made on Monday 18th September 2017.

Last Monday night, Adam Cole, the CEO of the Index, revealed proposed details of a huge expansion of the Index market starting from the 1st November 2017. However, the news which undoubtedly stole the show was, that to account for the platform growth, the Index will be doubling, yes doubling, the performance buzz (PB) pay-outs from 1st November 2017!

The announcement has certainly stirred up much excitement amongst traders and in the hours following the big reveal there was a huge influx of cash into the market as traders rushed to stock up their portfolios in time for when the changes come in. Current PB king Lionel Messi saw the biggest rise and is now a whopping £8.00 a share!

So, what do all these changes mean for the Football Index and its traders?

Let’s start with the expansion of the Index market…

Currently on the Index, the tradable market is limited to the ‘First Team’ of 200 players. There is then a list of just under 1000 players which make up part of the ‘Squad’. Traders are currently unable to buy shares from players in the Squad, only the First Team. Traders can however vote on which players they think should be promoted to the First Team and then every Friday morning at 9am the bottom two players in the First Team get relegated to the Squad list, with the two players with the most votes from the Squad replacing them.

From 1st November 2017 though, players will be added to the market at a rate of 50 players per day. The First Team will remain locked at 200 players but traders will now be able to buy from players in the Squad list, once they are added to the market. The players will be promoted at random times to try and make things as fair as possible and a list of the 50 promoted players, along with the promotion times, will be made available to traders 24 hours before they take place.

So eventually, all players from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Seria A, plus the Champions League and Europa League will be available to purchase on the Index. The Index have also confirmed that only the Top 200 players will be able to win Media Buzz, but any player on the market can win PB.

Moving on then to the PB changes…

Simply put, the current PB pay-outs are being doubled! The table below summarises exactly what the Index will pay-out on players who win PB from 1st November 2017.

When you consider that at the end of last season in May, before the implementation of PB, the Index were only paying out 5p per share, per day, for the Media Buzz winner, this is an incredible increase in dividend pay-outs for traders!

To put the pay-outs into perspective, if for example you had 10 shares in Edin Dzeko at a current price of £1.23, if he were to win the PB buzz on a Treble Day then Index would pay out £1.20 as a dividend, which would be around a 10% return on your investment in just one day! For those of you thinking that Dzeko would have very little chance of ever winning a Treble Day PB, then you would be mistaken as he just won one just last week!

The changes from Nov 1st mean that all traders, new and old, have a fair opportunity to buy up and coming talent and potentially make a profit on them, not only through PB but also on an increase in share price.

In my view, this will allow the Football Index to step up to the next level as it makes the product much more appealable to both the casual fan and the serious trader.

If you are not on the Index already, now is a great time to get involved so what are you waiting for?!

If you want to know more about the changes come in from 1st November 2017 I suggest you read the Index’s own guide which can be found at

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