Football INDEX Insight – Myths debunked

I received an email from the Football Index the other day telling me that my all-time player profit of just over £1,600.00 and that put me in the top 2% of Index traders. To be honest, it left me feeling quite pleased with myself! Apparently the average profitable trader since the site’s inception in October 2015 has made £64.50 so I guess I must be doing something right!

For me, those profits represent roughly a 45% return on investment in a little over 6 months which is a far better return than you are likely to get through most standard investments, ISA’s or football betting.

However, despite the Football Index’s undoubted growth and the success of many of its traders, I still hear a number of myths about the Index related to why it is not a worthwhile investment. So, here is my take on some of these myths:-

You have to invest thousands to see any real return on your money

In my experience that is simply not true. Yes, if you only invest £1 you are not going to turn that into £1 million but whatever your level of investment there are plenty of ways to get a good return on your investment. For those with smaller budgets there are lots of cheap players available to buy who have great potential to increase in value as well as win dividend pay-outs on top. The opportunities to make money will only increase once more players become available to buy from 1st November 2017.

The portfolio requires constant monitoring and is too time consuming

Your portfolio can be monitored as little or as often as you want. From 1st November 2017 player relegation will be scrapped so all traders will have up to three years to cash in their shares before they expire. Therefore in theory, you could set up your portfolio now, not look at it once for three years and then cash in any profits before the shares expire! Simples!

It is too late for me to invest as the best players have already been snapped up

It is true that for traders who join the site now some of the top players are more expensive to buy now then they have been in the past, but it certainly does not mean now is not a good time to get involved in the Index. The Football Index has only just celebrated its second anniversary so is still very much in its infancy and therefore in my eyes still has massive potential for growth. Plus, with the additional players coming on the market from 1st November 2017, all traders start on a level playing field in respect of these new players so if you have an eye for a bargain now is the time to get involved.

Investing on the Index is not as fun as normal football betting

Ok, you may not get the thrill of seeing your ten team accumulator come in with a last minute winner, but in reality how often does that actually happen and also, how many people win more money on football betting than they lose? If you have shares in a player who makes an impact on a game subject to performance buzz I would argue the thrill of watching them climb the PB leader board into a dividend pay-out place is just as good as watching an accumulator come in. Also, a major plus is that if your football bet loses you lose all of your stake, where on the Index your stake is valid for up to three years!

You need to know lots about football to make a profit

Having a knowledge of football certainly helps but it is not essential. The Football Index allows traders the opportunity to buy trackers, where you can buy one share in the current top 10, 25, 50 or 100 players. As the Football Index continues to grow and the average player price increases you could very easily buy a tracker 100 and without any knowledge of the individual players you have bought, see an overall profit on the share prices as well as receiving a fair few dividend pay-outs as well!

The Football Index is not a legitimate gambling site so my money won’t be safe

Utter nonsense. The Football Index is licensed and regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission and by the UK Gambling Commission.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, the changes that will be made to the Index from 1st November 2017 will help take the site to another level. If you haven’t got involved already then there is no time like the present!


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