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The Football INDEX has changed fundamentally with the introduction of Performance Buzz (PB).

Going forward players futures will be driven by Performance & Media Buzz, previously traders bought players to earn Media Buzz dividends. These were received daily if their player was one of the top 3 most talked about players in the 30 main UK media outlets. However, now dividends can be earned from the performances of players, meaning the index is now even more attractive. April’s column gives a detailed background on Media Buzz but I’ll focus on the PB.

This is my first column for and I hope to share with you my passion for the INDEX. Being Irish gambling’s in my blood (the blood test was positive). I have gambled on everything (besides tiddlywinks) but the Football INDEX is by far the best.

It combines a traditional stock market with the bonus of trading in footballers a powerful combo, however after buying John Terry I did need a shower. In my six months of trading I’ve made a ROI of 23%. This is far above anything else I could achieve on other platforms, along with enjoying every moment.

PB will freshen up the index, meaning all players now have a chance to profit. It rewards player’s performance and trader’s instinct and research. The index will not be so Premiership focused, as PB covers Europe. I have included below breakdowns of how the pay-outs and the points are calculated.

Stats are generated from OPTA (or similar outlets) so are independent and factually. This is an improvement, as media buzz has been manipulated by fake news previously. Media Buzz still exists daily offering 5p for the top player and on non-playing days (158 days) pay-outs as above.

Having Performance & Media Buzz means potential dividend pay-outs have doubled on average. 8% of my ROI is dividend driven better than any mainstream markets. For example, say Messi is the top performer for 20 out of the 207 days, £1.80 would be earned annually for each Messi future held (without media buzz point and capital growth). He’s currently £3.70 producing a 49% return. PB will be introduced for the new season but the market is already reacting.

Goalkeepers have become attractive and on average they cost only 80p. Next week I’ll explain how to profit from opportunities like these, improving ROI and explaining PB further.

Football INDEX is a stockmarket game where players, known as Traders, take a position on the “future success” of footballers with real money – CLICK HERE to play and start winning

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