Hearn won’t let us at AJ – McGuigan

David Haye’s trainer Shane McGuigan insists that when his man beats Tony Bellew this weekend – Eddie Hearn will do his best to keep him away from Anthony Joshua.

McGuigan insists that Hearn has only set up the match with Bellew, in order to check out just how dangerous Haye is, and when he sees that – he will not allow him to take on his prized asset in Joshua – current IBF Heavyweight champion.

Joshua is due to clash with Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley in April, with many predicting Haye could be next – but McGuigan thinks Hearn would look to make sure that does not happen.

“He [Eddie Hearn] is scared of putting him in with AJ,” McGuigan told TheGamblingTimes.com.

He is scared of putting him in with AJ

“Eddie wants to see how much David has got left, he has invested so much time and effort and money into Anthony Joshua,

“Now you have Tony Bellew who is 34, being beaten a few times so they want to see how much he gets beaten? Then if he looks sharp they will keep him away from AJ – and if not they won’t for that reason too.”

McGuigan feels that Hearn will not be able to keep Haye away from Joshua, as the public demand will be too much.

“He is a dangerous fighter and they wont give David the satisfaction of chinning him, but they don’t realise the public will demand that,” he continued.

World title

The insists that Haye is desperate to win back a world title and is more than confident that he will.

“We want the big fights and he wants to be in the big fights, he has won the title before, and he wants to win it again.

“We were looking to get a title before now but with the division it was difficult – but he wants to fight Tyson Fury, Joshau – he wants the big fights – there are options out there.”

McGuigan also insists that even if Hearn tries to keep Joshua away, Haye is too big a name to not to get the big fights.

“David Haye is a huge brand and a huge name, he doesn’t need Eddie Hearn – Hearn has not done the numbers Haye has done and Sky haven’t seen them since he left and they want him – Joshua is he futrue of the heavyweight division but they are avoiding him,” he added.

Haye has taken some criticism for his build up, which has seen him training in Miami, but the Irishman is full of praise for his man.

“He is more than ready, he is bang on, he is in shape and he is ready – he has enjoyed himself in between sessions but in the gym he has another mind,” he concluded.

Tony Bellew -RealTime Images

We also spoke with Tony Bellew’s ring man Dave Coldwell insists that his man will get the better of Haye because of his attitude.

“Our head has been level all the way through, we have been down to earth and the most realistic out of both camps,” he told TheGamblingTimes.com.

“We have carried on doing what we have done up to fight night. We are not looking to the future, they are planning for Joshua etc but we are just looking at David Haye.”

Coldwell insists that Haye is not a proper heavyweight and that will be shown up on Saturday evening.

“Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder are big beasts, different animals to these two. Haye-Bellew, the reason is this is so well matched is because they are, you can see them on stage.”

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