Ince hits out at Jose’s behaviour

The former Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince says Jose Mourinho’s treatment of Luke Shaw is pushing him out of the door, regardless of the left-back’s poor attitude.

Speaking to – Ince believes Mourinho is not doing it right.

The way Jose Mourinho does things, as someone who has been a manager previously and has worked under Alex Ferguson, isn’t for me.

When it comes to addressing players, and calling them out it should be done in-house. It definitely shouldn’t be done in the press and that’s the way it has been with Manchester United in the past.

I don’t think there are any situations where a manager should call out a player in public, and it’s not the first time it has happened with Luke Shaw. Which, depending which way you look at it, either says a lot about the player himself or the manager saying it.

For me personally, it’s something that needs to be dealt with in the club. Man United have got enough problems, and maybe they should focus on those instead of focussing on Shaw.

From a player’s point of view, it’s the last possible thing you want to see. Nothing good can come of it. You feel as though everyone is looking at you, and as though you’re being blamed for the wider issues of the team.

Losing to Sevilla and dropping out of the Champions League, for example, is a much more pressing issue to be spoken about than deflecting the attention on Shaw. We’re talking about a player who a few months ago, Jose called world class. Make your mind up.

Suddenly, it looks as though he’s going to leave the club. And who knows, maybe he could have been world class. But he’s not been given much of an opportunity by Mourinho to show it.

Shaw doesn’t have the character to improve

If that was Sir Alex, and he was criticising me in public, the first thing I would have done is said that I wasn’t happy about it. But then, I would make it my priority to rise to it and respond to the criticism. It seems to me that Luke Shaw doesn’t have that kind of character about him.

Which could mean that he would prefer to be spoken to behind closed doors, or it could be that he just doesn’t want to be at Old Trafford anymore, and doesn’t want to put the effort in.

It’s clear Mourinho wants a reaction out of him. It’s a tactic he’s done in the past, but whether that’s right or wrong I’m not sure. It’s only pushing Luke further out of the door, but sometimes, it does come down to attitude.

Ashley Young is getting older, and Shaw should be grabbing the chance to be the first choice left-back with two hands, but he doesn’t seem interested. This is his last chance.

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