Mismanaging Aguero could be Pep’s downfall

When he was at Barcelona, Pep Guardiola was untouchable – he could do what he liked, when he liked to any player of his choice – he needs to realise however, he cannot treat a Manchester City legend like Sergio Aguero in the same manner.

The 28-year-old has now bagged 21 goals this season, following his goal against Sunderland at the weekend – his 50th Premier League goal away from home.

He is still the one name on the Manchester City team-sheet you genuinely fear, 91 league goals in his last five seasons – nobody in England can get near that.

So why do we even ask the question about Aguero? Well clearly all is not well with Guardiola and the Argentine. Only last week he admitted that he will be talking with City about his future after he was dropped in favour of Brazilian starlet Gabriel Jesus.

“The club has not directly told me they want me to stay. All I have to do is dedicate myself to playing football, there are three months left, the only thing I think is to give the best in these three months and then you will see. My intention is to stay. The club can say what it wants but in June they will have to meet with me,” said Aguero in a hugely revealing interview last week.

This caused Guardiola to again to be quizzed by the Manchester press about the future of Aguero – and he is clearly growing tired of the situation.

But will this stop anytime soon? Well no it won’t. He says he wants to use Jesus with Aguero, but do we believe him? No, not really. Why didn’t he do that when he had the chance before the youth Samba star was injured – arguably the only reasons Aguero is in the first-team now.

Indeed had Kelechi Iheanacho stepped up more this season, it is conceivable that Aguero would be third choice under Guardiola.

Guardiola has a way of playing we know that, and if you do not fit in you will be jettisoned – we also know that, just ask Joe Hart.

But we have seen him change his mind, look at Yaya Toure –  but it is different with Aguero. What was wrong with him that needed dropping? And not just once – he has constantly benched the Argentine in the past few months.

Time for change?

Yes things change, players move on – but is Aguero ready to move on? Should he be moved on? The answer to both those questions is clearly no. Guardiola has a big few weeks on his hands. Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup are all still achievable goals, but if he delivers none the pressure could be on.

He is looking at an overhaul this summer, but hasn’t he already had two transfer windows – he has a lot of issues to deal with – but trying to move Aguero on should not be one of those.

This is clearly a battle Guardiola will win, and it seems that Aguero could very well be forced out of the door – but he should be very careful – Aguero is no ordinary player. He is a Manchester City legend, he is still a World Class player, no doubt about that, and can City afford to let that happen? if, as it seems, there is just a personality clash.

Unlike Aguero, Guardiola has not proven his worth in England and the Premier League, and he should remember that before he strips down and sells City’s prized asset.

“Unlike Aguero, Guardiola has not proven his worth in England and the Premier League”


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