Money, money, money – all football is…

So Frank De Boer is confirmed at Crystal Palace and no doubt it is a high-profile appointment, in the modern day probably the biggest Palace have done.

And yes, it is a good appointment – but does it mean that much? This is a money league, from seven downwards they are just taking over £100million-a-year – that’s it, and they are happy to do that.

It is all about money, a Premier League side – wants the pay-out – you might be on of the three unlucky sides that has to go down – but I think we make too much about managers, at the end of the day – things change so quickly, a big injury and they are in trouble.

Look at De Boer – a big name, but I can guarantee you if they are around the relegation zone come Christmas, then he is heading for the tin-tac – (the sack) no doubt about it – I guarantee it, you can talk about what he is now, but when you look in the crystal ball nobody knows what is going to happen but the chances are he is going to end up with the sack, that is just how the game is.

And because of this, there really is no pressure for me for these guys, I really believe that – people talk about pressure but I don’t see it- lets see what he does, but he is a hefty pay packet no matter what, so where is the pressure really?

Money is no object for these clubs, all they want is to stay in this division and they will throw money at it, and if that means sacking who they need to – that is what they will do.

It is all about status with these club, nowadays you get tea-ladies at Premier League clubs who are famous, the guy who opens the gate being famous – it is hard to watch the way the game is going sometimes and it is hard to watch football at times, it is all going crazy.

Look at the people who talk about the football, you have people on radio and TV who have never had anything to do with football who cast judgement on everything, but who are you? I sometimes just don’t see where football is going.

I think there is too much football on TV too, but that brings us back to the money – and I guess there is little we can do about that now.

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