No place for disgusting Carragher in public eye

Jamie Carragher was filmed commiting an arrestable offence against a 14-year-old girl, and people are debating about his future?

There is only one outcome here for the former England international, who has proven himself to be nothing than a lowly dirty rat – spitting is disgusting, end of story – to do it towards a 14-year-old girl, no matter how much you are being goaded is despicable and can’t be defended in anyway.

Nobody is perfect in life, people can react – but if you are not capable of acting like a normal human being, you have no right to be a public figure.

I have witnessed, in my many years of reporting an attending games, some disgusting behaviour from fans – getting in the faces of managers, players and pundits following results – just like the one at the weekend, but never have I seen such a reaction.

Peter Reid for example, the ‘Monkey chants’ he was subjected to when playing the likes of Newcastle and Middlesbrough – was far worse than what Carragher got, but how did he react, as you would expect, laughing and smiling, not by spitting at somebody.

Carragher should be axed, he should not be on TV – but then again, he should be busy facing a charge of common assault from the police for his actions.

He has been suspended already by Sky Sports – but this is all pretty simple – Carragher’s TV career, and media one – should be over, he has blown his big chance purely down to his own disgusting actions.

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