Paul Ince: Liverpool have stagnated, leaving top three ‘streets ahead

The former Liverpool midfielder laments the side’s inconsistency, saying that they’re just not good enough to challenge for the title – and he’s not sure they’ll finish in the top four, either.

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‘Not sure Liverpool will get top four’
“This year, Liverpool have stagnated. I don’t think they’re at the level they should be, or would have expected them to be, looking back at last year.

“I hate saying it, as a former Liverpool player, but I never thought they would have a chance at the title this year – and, seeing their performances so far, it’s obvious that was true.

“They haven’t been in the same league as Man City and Man United. You knew that both of those teams would do better in the Premier League. They’re just better.

“The players those teams have brought in, and the players Antonio Conte already had at Chelsea, they’re streets ahead.

“Liverpool should really be finishing in the top four. Looking at it right now, I’m not sure if they will.

“Behind the top three, there’s a battle between Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and even Burnley.

“Looking back at the games where they’ve dropped points, against sides like West Brom, Liverpool will be gutted. They need to be grinding out results in difficult, scrappy games.

“Not every game can be four goal wins. Some of them are tough, and so-called lesser teams will make it difficult.

“I just don’t think Liverpool have dealt with that. I love watching them play and, on their day, they’re unbeatable – but, to win the title, you have to produce that week-in, week-out and Liverpool just aren’t capable of doing that.”

 ‘Klopp is completely frustrated’

“Jurgen Klopp has been lashing out more than usual in his press conferences recently – he’s completely frustrated.

“He’s able to say that he has made big improvements to that Liverpool side, but they’re still 18 points behind Man City, and seven behind United. That isn’t where they want to be.

“Liverpool are one of the most frustrating teams in the Premier League, no doubt about it. They’re so Jekyll and Hyde. One minute, they’re playing gorgeous, free-flowing football – the next they’re struggling against West Brom.

“Klopp is a fantastic manager and it’s easy to appreciate why he might be feeling frustrated with his players. Often simple mistakes are leading to issues, when he just wants the points and to be challenging for the title.

“Now is his time to decide – do I put all of my eggs in one basket and focus on the Champions League, or is it about getting into the top four?”

Paul Ince was speaking to 


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