Promotion day is weekly shoot-out on the INDEX!

Promotion day on Football INDEX is by far one of the most exciting aspects of the INDEX.

For beginners who are new to the index, here is a quick guide on Football INDEX and how they work.

Firstly, every Friday at 1PM and 1.15PM 2 new players that have been voted up from the “squad” list will enter the first team. The exciting part is that they enter at 25P each, players can have massive growth potential within seconds of entering the first team.

I must warn that players can go from 25P – £1+ within seconds and it is faster finger first. There is a huge amount of luck involved on promotion day and if you are even a couple of seconds too slow you can easily be caught out. But if you’re in early you can be rewarded.

This also means two players are relegated from the 200 every week – make sure you don’t have anything in them, otherwise your money is gone!

The quick flip

The most common technique to profit from promotion is the quick flip, purchase at the lowest price possible and sell seconds later for a tasty profit, making plenty of money in seconds of work. Like I said previously, if timed incorrectly you can be stung from people quick flipping promotion players

The potential

Some players entering the first team have great long term potential, only recently Gabriel Jesus and Marcus Rashford both entered the first team at 25P so it goes to show there is always an opportunity on Football INDEX to capture these players at a cheap price and keep them for the long run.

Hope this quick guide helps and gives new traders a better understanding how promotions work. Good luck.

Football INDEX is a stockmarket game where players, known as Traders, take a position on the “future success” of footballers with real money. Sign up now and start winning!

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